​Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Queen Cookie Review

The entire episode revolves around an impromptu dinner with Councilman DuBois’ mother, Miss Dubois, played by Phylicia Rashad.  But in true Empire fashion, a few issues occurs and see, the way Cookie’s life is set up….

Before the dinner is even planned, Jamal gets called out by his dad about his work ethic regarding his new album.  But Jamal is going at the pace he can handle. [I think this pushes him into taking meds that help him focus and gives him the energy to meet his dad’s demands, but makes him high as hell.] Lucious  then confronts him on visual expenses that he thinks is for his album.

We find out that it’s for his first single about his mom, called “Mama”.  He sets it up and presents it to Cookie, but he might want to look up trigger warnings because Cookie has a bad reaction to this and it caused her to storm off.  This puts her in a tailspin and makes her miss a meeting with Alderman and his mom.  But Jamal makes up for it with a later performance.

After the initial performance, Jamal goes to his auntie, who runs a hood store hair shop, to figure out why his mother would have that reaction to seeing her dad. She tells him that it has something to do with Lucious dating Cookie as a teenager.  Her dad kicked her out because she put Lucious’ money and guns in their house.  Three days later he died and ever since then, Cookie blamed herself for his demise. However, I feel that’s her dad caused his own death. He was the adult who made the decisions. He could’ve sent her to a nunnery.

Present time Cookie apologizes to Alderman for skipping out on the party and states that she will make up for it with a private dinner at her place.  But before she has a sit down with Miss Dubois, she decides to get some class training.  At a fancy restaurant, Candace, played by the talented Civics A. Fox, tries to teach cookie how to be Bougie. While they are gabbing, Lucious’ conk wearing ass comes in and talks shit.  So I know he knows about the dinner and I know he has a plan.

                        THE DINNER

Cookie is getting ready  for the dinner and a highly medicated Jamal walks in and stays for dinner, but he could’ve stayed home lol.  After Jamal comes, Miss DuBois (MD) is escorted by Alderman into Chateau de Coki.  MD meets a drugged Jamal and is so nice nasty that I wanted to put some salt on my hand to lick.  She could’ve stayed home too. 

[We find out Andre is M.I.A. because he is taking Freda to Shyne’s block party and she performs there.

I love the Nessa and Freda combo.]

After MD and Jamal get acquainted, Hakeem walks him with his crying baby and says that he is overwhelmed.  Following him is Luscious and Anika.  Then he decides to give MD the entire spill of the family upon meeting her.  I was dying of laughter the entire time.

But this doesn’t discourage Cookie.

Cookie lays it down that her family is not perfect, but it works. She wouldn’t trade them for the world.  This makes MD warm up to her.  But not without giving a warning about not hurting her child.
What do you think?

Why was Shynes recording the Freda/Nessa performance?