​Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13 Season Finale Give Us This Day Review

I really wasn’t ready for the opening sex scene with Ralph Angel and Darla.  Because that was my man!  But seriously, they should not be together.  I feel that Darla is something RA should’ve let go.  She can be a part of her child’s life, but they should no longer be a thing.

Moving on!
Charley actually convinces Davis to come down to New Orleans.  At his hotel, they  meet in a one on one. Charley kinda plays on Davis’ emotions in order to get him to stay.  On her way home from the meeting, Charley calls Felix’s wife for an update on their deal from the previous episode, and Felix’s wife tries to call Charley’s bluff and of course it was a bad move.  

At Nova’s house, they are prepping Too Sweet’s journey to better things. I always feel like you can never prosper in a place where you have met your lowest. Jesus went to Gethsemane but never stayed. Too Sweet needs a new start and I’m happy he’s getting it.  
After this, we find out that Nova and Calvin, the white cop, are getting back together after he broke up with his wife, which is something I missed the previous episode.
At the High Yellow, Davis and Charley have a sit down with Micah.  Davis wants to be back in Micah’s life, but Micah is still hurt over the betrayal. During this time, the mill and local basketball team owner come in.  Coincidence? I think not.  
The team manager/mill owner cozies up to Davis to get him to play for the team.  Since Davis wants to be close to his family and he is outta work, he agrees.
Boss move number 1 completed.
At the farm, Remy lets Charley know that he told RA about the mill plans.  Then RA and Nova confronts her about it, as they should.  Charley is using all their money to fund something only she could survive if it failed.  RA’s male ego is hurt, but Nova is praising Charley for her boldness.

Can you imagine a black woman owning and operating her own mill – Nova


After the meeting about the mill, RA lets Aunt Vi know that Hollywood left and we find out that he took a six-month assignment.  All this was due to the fact that Hollywood caught Aunt Vi dancing with someone at a bar.  Again, the male ego rears its ugly head.  Hollywood was MARRIED and didn’t tell anyone.  When it came to the light, it was in the most embarrassing way for Vi.  But he is pissed about a dance. He needs to check himself.

At the lodge, Charley brings the local black farmers together to discuss the mill in regards making it a cooperative attempt, like a corporation, and they agree!!!  

I was so thrilled about this because it shows me that black unity can stand against a racist monster like the Landry family.  When Charley confronted the Landry boy

and said that they won’t have power over there for long  I thought she was speaking on her own behalf.  But she was speaking about the local black community.  Thus really brings Charley’s morality into focus for me.  
What a leader!
After the lodge meeting, Remy and she are schmoozing each other up and Davis calls Charley.  He wants to be sure that Charley isn’t bullshitting him about starting a family, but I want to know where he got that idea from. Also, when he called her baby, I cringed so damn hard.  Charley agrees to meet him and wants to give Remy the second date afterward.  And as he has every right to, he says no. Nobody should be second fiddle to some broken harmonica. 
On her way to meet Davis, Charley breaks into tears and it breaks my heart.  Once she was in the room and Davis came up behind her and tried to kiss her neck, I wanted to scream.  Like it gave me goosebumps that I thought a  “Don’t Cringe Challenge” YouTube video could only give me.  But Charley couldn’t take it either and basically jumps to the other side of the room.
And because Charley doesn’t want him, Davis decides that he doesn’t want to sign the deal, even if it is for Micah’s benefit. Again, the male ego rears it head. Then Charlie finally confronts him about their situation.

How did we get here? – Charley

Charley’s monologue is so damn good.

Side note: Ava Duvernay says she was thinking about someone very close to her when she wrote this monologue. And about out to Ava because she liked my tweet @ava

Quick note: To answer Charley’s question about how they got there, it is penis.  Penis got them in that situation.  Penis is great, but so bad at the same time.  Hell, it’s destroyed some kingdoms.  Charley’s real question should be how did SHE get there.  And that is a question that only she can answer.

At some random strip club, Charley confronts Felix. There she tells him that Melina has a line of girls ready to spill tea and she gives him an ultimatum.  She wants him to play for New Orleans and give 5 million dollars to her, 4 of which will go to Melina’s foundation under Melina’s name.  He agrees due to a number of women ready to charge him. Finally, she gives him the most tightest tooth, tight-lipped, eye staringiest threat I have seen.  She lets him know that if he ever violates another woman, Hell won’t be a sanctuary.

Boss move number 2 completed.

Quick note: Shout out to Deric Augustine, who plays Felix, for liking my tweet Wednesday @dericaugustine

At Nova’s house, Calvin picks her up for a stroll in the town. And they party it up New Orleans style.  It seems all peachy clean until some racist, Aryan Race, Ghetto Gagger Watching, KKK, Dirty Harry wannabe be, Trump Supporter, cop friend of Calvin comes and confronts Calvin on dating a black woman.  In the heat of the argument, Trumpbot cop grabs Nova by her stuff and Calvin gives him a well-deserved ass whooping.  After being pulled from said ass whooping, Trumpbot decides to spit on Nova.

Now if I could find that remote control that Timmy Turner used to stop Vicki from ruling the world, now would be the time.  I want to find him.  We gonna find him.  I know he is a fake character, but the violation should be enough to have him with thrown under the jail and over the courthouse.  And to know that we have a president-elect, Donald Trump, that said that he behaves in this type of behavior makes me sick. *Cringes*
This man is charged to protect Nova. But he sexually violates her and then spits on her. This is southern policing.  This is what we live with.  White supremacy is in every facet of every government in every city.  And this silenced Nova.  You noticed she had no more lines after this.  That is the goal of white supremacy.  To take away your voice is the ultimate goal and he won that battle, but will it win the war.  
In the final scene, we find out that Ralph Angel was scheduled to inherit the entire farm because Nova and Charley were squared away before Earnest died.  However, no one knew because the will was hidden away.  But then again, Darla found it out of nowhere, so I am questioning the legitimacy of it.  However, I know he is definitely going to challenge Charley on the mill, which we find out is named Queen Sugar.
Differences in the book:

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