15 Years Old James Means Murdered by Elderly White Man 

My condolences to the family and friends of James Means.
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What happened:

It was reported yesterday [November 23,2016] that James Means, a fifteen-year-old black teen, was murdered by William Pulliam, a 62-year-old white man in Charleston, West Virginia on November 22, 2016. Pulliam claims that Means bumped into him at a Dollar General, which has working cameras I hope.  This bump led to a confrontation outside of the store. This confrontation ended with Pulliam pulling out his .380 caliber gun and shooting Means, who later died at the hospital.

Pulliam claims in a public statement that he was in fear for his life.  He stated,

The way I Look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street. – William Pulliam

This has led the FBI to start an investigation in regards to whether this murder was a hate crime and not an act of self-defense, which Pulliam has claimed.

My thoughts:

This is the emboldening of racism in this country.  Ever since the election of Donald Trump, racists feel as if they have a free for all field day with black people and other minorities.  They have become emboldened by this election and are acting out their hatred.  I will need the FBI to scour the internet and find those who post racist jokes, memes, and posts.  The same thing they do to the conscious community in their nonrelenting search to find extremists, of which they’ve found none, is what they should do in regards to racists.  Being that white racists are the number one cause of domestic terrorism, I do not understand the delay in the action proposed.

At the end of the day, Pulliam wanted to kill a “nigger” that day and killed an innocent young black man who was loved and was apart of the collective we call humanity.  He saw a target and more than likely started the confrontation and may be the one who bumped into Means, if any bumping occured.  Even if Means bumped into him, on purpose or by accident, it requires a simple resolution.  There was no need for a grown man to handle a teenager like that.  But with a person like George Zimmerman running free, it encourages this type of behavior. 

The only problem is that, is that Pulliam does not have the luck or intelligence that Zimmerman was gifted with.  Zimmerman ensured that Trayvon Martin and he were alone in an area that had no cameras or witnesses. Hypothetically, Zimmerman would’ve stalked Means until they were in a secluded area and killed him.  Pulliam isn’t that intelligent I believe and doesn’t have the connections that Zimmerman has to get him out of this situation.  Pulliam was reactionary and has been emboldened by the white supremacy uprising in this country.  And I don’t believe he is the only one.  This represents the environment of our country.

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