5 Reasons Why Boo A Madea Halloween Outsold Birth of A Nation

​I did this because I am absolutely sick of people blaming black women and black gay men for Birth of A Nation flopping, which it didn’t.  There is no real conspiracy in a sense that there is more stuff than what we see.  Even if there is, what we know is more than enough reason to show why this happened.

1. Madea is always a box office hit

  -Madea has crossed over and has gained the success that gets it an easy win for opening weekend
2. Madea is a known name and many black folks don’t know who Nat Turner is 

  – Nat Turner is a black man killing white men. I think he missed the part about Turner killing everything in his path.
3. Tyler Perry has more access in Hollywood and Parker. 

 – Parker green thumbed this movie and did a pretty damn good job
4.The movie is blasphemous.

 – http://wp.me/p7kHc2-aB
5. Nate Parker’s rape scandal helped kill the small white support this movie had.

   – Whether he was in the wrong or not, it helped this film “flop”
Nate Parker did a good job and once he gets enough money I think he can make the type of movie he wants.  But until then I will buy the DVD to support Parker.  This was a bold move.  I am happy he did it, but the movie is awful and a spit in the face to an ancestral God.