Why is Dahir Adan DEAD and Ahmad Khan Rahami Living?

It took me two days to come up with the title for this blog post.  When I was writing yesterday’s post and researching the accounts of what occurred when both attackers were confronted I kept asking myself this question.  I am a melanated man in America and the difference in regards to how the police officers (yes one was off duty, but was a still a police officer) handled these two different attackers.

Dahir Adan was a college sophomore who went on a stabbing spree in Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  He was confronted by an off duty officer and was killed during the altercation (What We Know, 2016).  That is great that they were able to stop the dangerous young man.  This man was harming other people and needed to be stopped.

However, Ahmad Khan Rahami is supposedly responsible for the bombing in Chelsea, New York City, New York (A charge that has been given within the last hour of me writing this blog @8:02) and attempted the bombing of the Marine’s Marathon at Seaside Park, New Jersey (Santora, Goldman, Rukmini, & Schweber, 2016).  Then Rahami had a SHOOT OUT WITH THE POLICE where they INJURED HIM AND CAPTURED HIM after he was placed on the Most Wanted list (Shoichet, 2016).


This BEGS the question of why is it that a man who injured 29 people and possibly would’ve killed 100s of people is living to a jail cell when a man who stabbed 9 people is dead.  I am not saying that Adan deserved to live, but there is a clear difference in the treatment when it came to the suspects.  I am saying that Rahami should be dead in the ground.  This man is dangerous and disgusting.  He has been under the eye of the FBI for a while to my understanding (Shoichet, 2016).

How is it that you, after a bombing and an attempting bombing, can have a SHOOTOUT WITH THE POLICE and LIVE?

Rahami should be dead and Adan should be alive with the alleged slow response time of the St. Cloud police department.  Police don’t kill a non-melanated Afghan immigrant drop out who bombed and shot at them.  But an off duty police officers kills a Melanated Somali Sophomore with a KNIFE.


I get that it is important to capture the man who has been under the eye of the FBI for many years.  However, it would’ve been just as beneficial to capture Adan to figure out how many of these youths, which Rahami may have been when he was “radicalized, are being exposed to radicalism.  I can bet you that much of the radicalism that these attackers are being exposed to is being exposed to them in their college years where they are easily influenced.

But if these officers and the Dept of Defense wants to just stop all terrorists the way they stopped Adan, why is Rahami still alive?

These are MY opinions and questions.  Let me know if you agree or disagree?

I wanna know your thoughts?



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