Bombing at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester Called Terrorist Attack [Videos]

Last night there were multiple reports that an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester caused the death of 19 people. There was much speculation that the explosion was a terrorist attack.

This morning, it was confirmed by the New York Times that the death toll is at least 22 now.  As well, the Greater Manchester Police are only treating this like a terrorist incident.  The worse of it all is that there were children involved in the death toll noted by NYT.

The explosion is also noted as occurring before major elections in England.  (Very V for Vendetta isn’t it).

For the actual the bomber, they have not been identified yet.  As well, there is no real understanding of why they bombed the Ariana Grande concert.

I think that this is twisted and disgusting and my prayers go out to all the families and nation of England.  I am happy no more damage than that, was done, and that Ariana Grande and all the acts were ok. Let’s hope for peace in the upcoming months, even though that seems very unlikely.  I am not here for another damn war.


    I’m on your video talking on BBC news TV, also were did you get that awful picture with bodies everywhere, see the policeman crouched down I’m the man in all black next to him holiding girls head