Asses Out at Omega Psi Phi Q Dawg Roll Call 

This is black hypermasculinity at its finest. Hoteping it at the bottom of a post.

This is the link to the video.

This is not new.  I saw this video a few years ago and I was not surprised.  Knowing how Greek life works, I know that this is something that can happen.  I know that there is a lot of homosexuality that occurs with Greek life for both the black Greeks and the white Greeks.  That is what happens when a lot of men are placed in a situation together. It is based in male  on male homoerotic behavior that we all have experienced from one time or another.

Have you ever heard the stories about the hazing process for college Greeks? Hell, look up the hazing process for college football players.  Homosexuality and homoerotic behavior is often a part of these processes and a part of male behavior.  No matter how hypermasculine the environment is, these behaviors always shows up.  

This may be why homophobia is so rampant in these Greeks.

Omega Psi Phi is known to be the most hypermasculine and, from what I hear, the most homophobic fraternity from the Greek 9.  Yet, even in that environment, homoerotic behaviors occurs, which it often does in hypermasculine arenas.  If there was ever a time where guys were just being guys, this is it.  Again, men behaving in homoerotic behavior is common.

But remember, I am that problematic gay agenda pushing agent who believes that straight men can sex WITH EACH OTHER, which does include penetration, and not be homosexuals themselves.  

Come at me bro!

I don’t see anything wrong with this.  As long as these men weren’t forced to do this shit and it does look like it was voluntary being that not all of them had their asses out, then I am fine.  But then again, it looked like something to do with pledging.

On the Hotep tip  (Oooh it feels so good):

These black men turned their roll call into buck dancing.  While it may not be buck dancing for white men, it may have been for the Dean of Pledges, or the higher ups in that group.  More than likely this was hazing, which is a form of white supremacist buckling in my opinion.  These dudes were probably trying to prove that they trusted their other frat bros.  But more than likely, it was certain pledges showing off the candy to the higher ups, or it was those pledges humiliating themselves for their higher ups. 

Well, at least, I hope those guys were pledges.

What do you think?