Atlanta BAN Response 

There is something I did not discuss regarding coded racism within the rhetoric regarding black people and homophobia or transphobia.  And it does exist.  In fact, I can argue that there is more coded or uncoded racism within white lgbtquiap households regarding black people and their interactions with them than hompophobia within black households.  But I haven’t done or read a study on it yet, so take it with a grain of salt.

There are so many examples of when I have personally heard the false narrative of black people being natural homophobes on television and in real life. It is horrifying, especially when it doesn’t match  the stats. Please refer to Ford’s 2016 article debunking the myth of black homophobia.

There are over a million black lgbtquiap members in the black community (Ford, 2016).  We are open to our family and friends and while we have some boneheads, I have never gotten my ass kicked for being gay in my community.  And I usually stay in mostly black communities.

I think that the activist was a perfect personification of liberal white lgbtquiap racism and hostility towards blacks. We often dismiss black narratives while serving our own in a selfish manner.  And for Montague. He is a basic uncle Tom leftist that will do anything to please the larger audience, even if that means supporting things HE MAY NOT BELIEVE IN.  

Let me know what you think.
Ford, Z. 2016. New Survey Debunks The Myth Of Black Homophobia.  Retrieved from