#Atlanta Ep. 4: The Streisand Effect Review

It starts off with ZAN.  And we all know ZAN.  Especially in LA, Atlanta, and New York.  Not really New York.  But its these cray people who are addicted to being online.  Not necessarily making money online, but being online.  (I Have No Idea What That is Like *AHEM!!!!)

But the difference between me and Zans is I know every topic and everything is not for me and vice versa.
So Zan is the most disrespectful delusional person on the series yet.  He has a this delusion of grandeur and acceptance that is just not there.  He is invasive and annoying.  But you can tell he is the life of the party.  People like him because he is so lit, but they all know he is crazy and fake as hell.

So from there it continues onto Earn trying to get money, as he always does working a commission job, which is fitted for clean stand up guys who are EXTROVERTS.

Well ZAN goes off on Paperboi online after he meets with them in the opening scene where we are introduced to ZAN.  Paperboi blows this wayy out of context because he is probably not use to disrespect that online trolls give.

Earn is still trying to get money goes into a pawn shop thingy and Darius convinces him to get a sword to up-sale later.  But Earn is in need of money now!  So Darius hooks him up with a dog breeding scheme where he sales a dog as an investment.  You see the error in communication Darius and Earn is having?

So Paperboi confronts ZAN

And it’s rather peaceful.  I think Paperboi learned after his brief experience with the police after confronting “ALFRED”.

But you get a rather poignant and surprising monologue from ZAN

“You exploit your struggles through Rap and I (Pop Bloggers) exploit that.” – ZAN

And that is perfect.  I mean you can’t get mad at those pop bloggers for exploiting the lives of musicians when musicians exploit their life and the lives of drug dealers and other criminals.  Many of the old school dudes call it self-snitching and I can say that they are kinda on point.  In fact, some of these rappers have been imprisoned due to some of the content in their songs.

I think Zan points out the one edged sword that is the music game.  Because it’s either going really good for you or really bad.

This leads us to Earn, who thinks he is going to get a wad of cash for the dog they are escorting only to find out that they will get it if the dog successfully breed with another animal to make a “pure-breed.”

Earn gives a rant, which he does so damn well.


“Poor people don’t need money later.  They need it now.  If I am starving now, an investment won’t feed me now!”

I love how this show is explaining without having to explain the conditions of being poor, mentally ill, on the come-up, on the search for internet fame, on the search for financial stability, on the search of a good man etc etc etc and BLACK.


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