Atlanta Episode 4 Nobody Beats the Biebs

It starts off with Paperboi Dabbing for the photo shoot regarding the kids charity basketball game.

Paperboi tries to hit on a white female reporter who couldn’t understand the language.  Name Valencia Joiner.  He continues to flirt and attempt to get an interview, but she has nooooo idea who he is.

LOL.  She only knows him by the shooting story.  And why does Paperboi thinks that Benny Hana is high-end.

Well the senior black reporter comes and cockblock him….I guess….



Joiner wanted to speak to him immediately. Everyone stop dabbing!!!!

A weird white woman comes up calling Earn by the name Alonzo.  Earn fakes the funk and continues to talk as if he is Alonzo, who is a music manager I guess.

The white women gets through VIP no questions asked.  The two black men, including Earn, gets checked like no one’s business.  The white woman vouched for him and Earn finally got in.

Reminds me of my college experience.

Darius goes to the shooting range and I think he may almost kill himself.  But isn’t that a diploma thing he was carrying.


And yeah Lloyd, who really has a lot of talent, is getting more peaceful as he ages because he was kinda rough for a lil bit.  And they are mocking the hell out of Justin Bieber.

I think Darius is about to shoot his damn diploma.  HELL…That is all its god for sometimes

Nevermind.  Darius crazy as is shooting at a god damn dog pic and fucks it up.  At least he can aim.

STEVE URKEL!!!!!!!!!

The cameos…what the fuck!!!

Justin Bieber can jone and was fucking Paperboi up.  And why are they calling each other NIGGER.  But I’m not going to lie like I never heard black folks use the entire word nigger.  Especially when they are extremely mad.

We go back to Darius having a lot of fucking fun shooting at a damn dog.  These rednecks object because shooting dogs are bad, but then again, shooting people is bad.  This starts a racial debate.  The clerk comes gun blazing and they escort him out.

SO we go back to the charity and Earn is still faking the funk.  He is chatting it up with some assholes trying to get Paperboi some deals with some great fake folks.  Earn reminds me of me at NABA social events.  Awkward and lying my ass off.

You can tell this is where Earn is comfortable and had things been different (if he actually graduated from Princeton), he would’ve been this socialite in reality without faking the funk along with Janice crazy looking can tell niggers apart ass.

Janice is now accusing Earn of blacklisting her, who she think is Alonzo, who she can’t tell isn’t Donald glover while coming into parties uninvited.

Did she just say Earn has a sharecropper smile!!!!

Janice threatens Alonzo, or does she think Earn, and gives him the kiss of death.  Earn finally confesses he is not who she thinks she is.

She says she wants him to die homeless.

Paperboi plays rough with Justin Bieber and gets into a fight after slamming him into the ground.  But my question is are they wrestling or playing grab ass?!

So after the fight, Justin Bieber comes out as a christian and praising the lord.  A good ass kicking will do that.

Paperboi still tries to flirt with Joiner and wants to apologize to the people about his behavior after Justin turns it around on his ass.  Joiner tells Paperboi to “play the part.”

Being he is the rapper he has to fit the model.

Earn and Paperboi reunite and Earn’s scary ass departs with Paperboi.


It is really hard to get into certain places, whether it is physical or allegorical, when you are dealing with blacks who impose the same type of racism that their white masters impart upon everyone else.  The security officer who did not blink at letting the white woman through double/triple checked Earn and the other black man.  This is the culture of Atlanta and many urban cities.  To get Heaven you have to go through the slaves that work for the masters.

We all had the discussion of popular white society and their love for animals.  My thing is if you are going to shoot at human (black and othered persons), then why couldn’t Darius shoot at a damn dog poster.  Maybe it represents the black person’s position on the food chain.

Earn shows how faking the funk can fuck you up.


What do you think?

Do you like the show so far?


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