Atlanta Season 1 Episode 8 The Club Review/Recap

This series is everything.

#1 I know the locations they are shooting at.

#2 I know the stories they are telling.

#3 They are telling the unadulterated truth.

I have never been one to go to the clubs and this entire episode tells you why.  I can count on my hands the number of times I have been to the club.  Each time I have been, it has been a black gay club.  I did enjoy those times however, but I choose not to go back.  Just not my scene.

BTW: The club they were supposedly shooting at is Primal.  In down by Midtown Station in Georgia Tech area.  The landmarks are Checkers, some franchise pizza place, and a gas station. (I know, real specific.)

In clubs you are always communing with people who do not know you or care about you.  All they want is to get a free drink, talk shit, and maybe fuck you.  Now, if you are heading a VIP section, then everyone wants that, but have the nerve to not be cordial.  When Paperboi realized that he knew no one in his VIP section, he then realized this experience was just bullshit.  And I laughed out loud when he ordered them to get the fuck out his VIP section.  I laughed even harder after Jeff, the football, player, bought the entire bar, and then left with the booze.  It really shows how the club is the true fake.

[A deeper look:  Maybe the club represents black areas.  We have athletes get all this money (represented by booze…idk) and then they just up and leave.]

Promoters and Owners can be jerks.  They are not jerks on purpose in my opinion with the brief and few encounters I have had with them. They have to be stern and tough in order to survive in a business where people do not keep their word, will undercut anyone, and threaten others health in more ways than one.  However, the owner on the show was a slime worm and I think that with a little bit more that liquid courage, Earn would’ve handled him.  However, when you can’t, Paperboi can.

With that being stated, it is fair to say that Earn is not cut out for this.  Like he says, he is someone no one fears.  He needs someone like Paperboi to back him for him to manage Paperboi.  The manager is supposed to ALWAYS be more intimidating and scarier than the actual artist.  The artist has to uphold an image and name in the media, but the manager has to do so on the “streets”.  That means that he/she may have to get their hands dirty.  (Again, this is to my LITTLE understand of artist/management relationships.)

Earn is not up to par to manage anything outside of an office and even then.

I think that two things will happen with Earn.  Either he will get hard and rise up or get out.  I think that Earn is also in it for the wrong reason.  He wants a get rich quick scheme and that’s good if you have a heart for it, but Earn clearly doesn’t and he knows it.  And I think that is why we love him.  He understands his weaknesses, which gives him potential to grow.

Now with the shooting, I think that it is important to realize how doing stupid shit can get you connected even dumber shit.  ALL PAPER BOI DID WAS TRY TO GET HIS MONEY.  And he succeeded.  But because of the way he went about it, what else occurred within the same place around the same time, and the fame Paperboi has obtained; it has created a shit storm that Earn may not be able to handle.  Paperboi’s success and fame is growing at a rate that neither the artist or manager can keep up with.