BeBe Winans Accused of Being Attracted to Men

Here we go with this bullshit again!

Bebe Winans is a popular singer from the Winans Family, which is a popular family in the Gospel arena.  His sexuality, along with many other gospel artists, has always been questioned.

Well most recently, a website posted a pic of Bebe Winans liking and commenting “Amen” on a pic showing a half baked man on Instagram.  Now everyone is wondering if he is into men.

How fucking stupid!

A man can’t even compliment or admire another man without it being gay.  That is the tocxic masculinity that destroys people.

Being gay or bi requires that a man has an affinity for men. Bebe Winans never said that and we should probably leave him the fuck alone until he does and if he does.

Stop gay shaming and stop trying to out anyone who hasn’t come out.

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