Black Woman Attacked and Kicked Out of All White Restaurant

Black woman confronted for leaving.





TW: Adult Language, Threats of Violence

A black woman eating with her husband and their child was viciously attacked after attempting to move away from another family sitting with a PTSD Dog at a diner.  Upon getting up, the black woman was confronted by another patron (or waitress, as it is not clear).  Upon explaining her frustration, the entire group decided to gang up against her in a tirade of screams, threats, and excuses as to why the dog was there.


First off, there shouldn’t have been any confrontation as the black woman was trying to get away from the dog peacefully and without interrupting anyone’s dinner.  And for whatever purpose she had in her mind to leave, it was her right to do so.  Yet, she was approached as if she wasn’t suppose to even get up.  And that right there is the racism of these people.  Racism is no longer expressed with the use of racial slurs, but with the gall to approach a grown woman and confront her as to why she wanted to mobilize to another area or out the restaurant.  She doesn’t need an explanation and she doesn’t need to explain herself for anything that isn’t DIRECTLY affecting anyone else. She just needed to make up in her mind to go and guess what, that is exactly what this grown woman did.


Stop policing black people’s bodies, and with all the power of intersectionality, definitely stop policing black women’s bodies.  Don’t tell black women where to go, what to do, how to do it, etc etc etc.  The same goes for any God Damn one else that isn’t you.


And I know this particular incident is about race because none of the patrons nor staff, who were calling her a bitch, confronted the white husband.  They literally squared up against this woman, which at that point I was expecting the husband to buck at them to get them the fuck up off her, but whatever I thought that what friends are for, especially spouses.  Men squared up against a woman half their size and she was told to get, “The fuck out bitch!”


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This is regrettable disgrace and that entire diner should get shut the FUCK down!


Hopefully more information comes out soon.



Please let me know if I missed anything, if you disagree with anything, or if you have another point of view.

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