Boo A Madea Halloween Review

Guess who ain’t woke and went to see Boo A Madea Halloween after refusing to see Birth of a Nation and critiquing it based on its historical inaccuracies?

And it had me laughing from the beginning to the end.  But I did have some questions.

Did Debra backslide from being a crackhead and went straight into adultery?

Where do they live at exactly?  Because I thought Miss Simmons lived on Lee Street across from the West End station.

How did Tiffany get so dark skinned?  Spontaneous Melanization?

Beside my foolish questions, I really enjoyed the movie.  It was really a jab at new age parenting and old school parenting.  I think it is important to find out the medium that works for anybody’s child.  A whooping wouldn’t work on me because of some early childhood dramas, which most parents wouldn’t care about but mine did.  So they refrained from whooping me and decided to help me out in other ways that were just as effective.  

I am not perfect, but I am 26 year old man with two degrees, no criminal records, and a place of my own.  I am nowhere near perfect, but that constant threat of a whooping and those few whooping I did receive, helped give me the discipline to survive in this world in ways that others who faced what I did and do could not.

But I know people who were beaten just to be beaten and the necrssary skills and tools to survive were not instilled in them.  And they suffer for it.  I know those who were taught well but came out just as bad as those who parents were very laissez-faire.  A lot of agency goes into how the child comes out in my opinion.  You can only teach someone as long as they want to be taught.

Cameos I noticed:

Lavelle Crawford – Comedian
Nephew Tommy – Comedian

Adele Givens – Comedian

Dominique – Comedian 

Corey Holcomb – Comedian

Fouseytube – YouTuber

Andre Hall – Hottie from Love Thy Neighbor

Brock O’Hurn – Thor/Brody/God from Too Close to Home

Fave moments:

Madea’s going up that attic really scared me but made me giggle like a crackhead.

The zombies having Madea shook and running like she caught the holy ghost while tarrying had me dying to the point I got on other’s nerve. Ain’t that boutta.

Finally, thebus scene was so sweet and justified that I wanted to stand up and clap.

All in all, this one of the best Madea movies, if not the best.  Because some of the movies I just didn’t like or it didn’t live up to the plays that they were named after.  But I have to remember that the movies have to reach a larger audience.  But this was good because I don’t think they were trying to balance out getting mass appeal and sticking to the storyline of the play it would be based on.

Boo A Madea Halloween is DOPE.