Brussels, Ivory Coast, and Islamophobia


I was watching the news surprisingly.  Mostly because I was getting an alignment and tune up and I do not touch TVs that are not mine.  And I hear about the daily/secondly update on the Brussels attack with no mention of the Ivory Coast attack by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.  *ahem*

I heard that many Georgians are tipping the FBI in regards to their neighbors.

Guess which neighbors are now being reported for being suspected terrorist?



They are tipping off Muslim and “Muslim looking” neighbors.  Meaning that they are reporting Brown and Black people.  This is 9/11 aftermath’s Islamophobia all over again.  This problem is disgusting.

This is fucking ridiculous.  You mean to tell me that people suspect Muslims, who are positive, active, and transformative members of our society. Most of the defectors and sympathizers with ISIL and al-Qaeda are white and were raised Christian.  This fear is similar to the same fear about crime and black people.  It is not rational or backed by statistical data.  It is backed by prejudice, xenophobia, and specifically, racism.

Let us not repeat what happened during the 9/11 aftermath.  Not my state at least.  I get it, it is Georgia. A place for intolerance, hatred, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, classism, and sexism served with a southern charm, crooked smile, and sweet peach tea from all parties.  But we can do better.  We have to do better