Black Woman Attacked and Kicked Out of All White Restaurant

This black woman just wanted to leave and was pulled into a fiery confrontation with an all white staff and their patrons.

“bwoy” Movie Review and Analysis from a Black Queer Feminist POV

“bwoy” is a brilliant movie about a white male attempting to connect and deal with the grief of a tragedy that occurred within his family.  His attempts are thwarted as he slowly becomes engulfed in an online fantasy that threatens to destroy the remains of what has become his life. “bwoy” is produced by Novo […]

The Problem with the Black Church and Kim Burrell Regarding the Gays [Videos]

Let us attack and challenge the black church, or the church as a whole, that has created a safe space for such hateful rhetoric.

The Problem with ‘The End of Identity Liberalism’ & Post-Identity 

Do not ask me to dismiss my identity.

Privilege, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and ME

I often speak and write on racism, sexism, and homophobia as it relates to how it negatively affects me.  I speak on privileges that I do not have access to and are often used against me.  However, I rarely speak on how privileges that I have access to that disadvantage others in the system that […]

Kohaku: Graphic Designer/Comic [Featured Artist]

  Thanks to Kohaku for allowing me to share this comic.  This piece was inspired by the post about transracial adoption, which can be read here To get up to date art from Kohaku, visit their page @ Carter/Cmortalx

“Transracial Lives Do Actually Matter…” by Katherine Elizabeth [Sponsored Post]

Thank you so much Katherine Elizabeth for allowing me to share this amazing piece. Link to original blog post Follow her on and I am a Black woman, and I identify as transracial. Like for real transracial, no joke. I was adopted from birth by a white woman, and have struggled with […]