Chapter 1: He Walked In On Me

I sit on the edge of my bed, staring at this guy I been speaking to on Jack’d for the last month.  I decided to invite him over.  No one was home.  Because no other person lives with me.

He sat there, fat on his ass spreading slowly as he spoke.  I am doing everything to maintain eye contact and avoid looking at his fine ass.  I stare into his face and he looks at me.  He licks his lips.  His eyes gaze into mine.

Whatever he was talking about came to slowing halt.  He leans in.  Then I lean in.  Then we kiss.  I do not use tongue or even prompt him for it.  I want this to be innocent.  I want this to be clean.  Not dirty like the week before.  I imagine pulling his pants down, pulling out that snake and going downtown.  But this will be clean.

I love the way he smells.  Its a cologne.  I am not good with smell goods.  Maybe it’s Polo.  But I always say that when I smell a cologne that does not smell like bath water and alcohol.  He is amazing at kissing.  He is holding me and touching my arm.  Caressing it up and down.  He seems to be resisting the urge to pull me into the full size bed we are sitting on.

The mattress was bought by my ex.  It was for the guest room.  They allowed me to take it once they decided to move on.  They date some younger light skin dude who went to this uppity ass college up north.  I fucked a lot of men in this bed after we broke up and I moved to this small apartment.  I have not bottomed since him.  I do not plan to tonight.

But no, this will be nice.  This will be clean.  He will be my boyfriend.  I love this.

He looks me in the eye and says, “I called my boyfriend, he wants to know if we can chill.”

I stare for 3 secs and notice that I am staring.

“SURE!!!” I say in shrill high tone voice.

He laughs in nervous low tone.

“Yeah, are you OK with that?!”

“YEAH!!!”  I say in shriller shakier voice, maintaining my high tone.

He is still holding my arm I realize after I sit back into a forward sitting position with my legs facing the TV set across the room.

He leans back.  Bites the left bottom of his full lips.  He stares at me.  I feel his eyes staring into my head.  I’m not sure how that works and I need a haircut.  I turn around.  Look down at him and his big imprint.  I laugh softly.

He pulls me down towards him.  I feel weak and soft and limp.  I’m going to bottom and I didn’t even have a chance to clean.  I’ll just suck his dick.  I hear the door squeak.

He looks amazed at the sight of the opening door that has no physical body there to explain how it was opened.  I turn around slowly.  He jumps on the bed.  Aaron jumps backwards and laughs once he realizes that Madame has made wake of this bed.  Madame sniffs Aaron’s face and goes in for the attack.  I laugh like a maniac as my dog licks Aaron’s face as he moves it left and right.  Aaron doesn’t get mad, but starts laughing as well.  He sits up and picks madame up as if it was a newborn.  He holds Madame close to his chest.  Scratches his head and looks at me and says, “I didn’t know you had a dog.”

“yep…” I say as I grimace.  But I am not mad.  I am relieved.

Thanks Madame I say under my breath.  This can be clean.  Aaron seems to love my child.  I love Aaron for that.  I love Madame for saving us.  This is clean.  This is good.

He has a boyfriend.