Charlo Greene, Who Quit on Air to Start Weed Club, Faces 24 Years in Prison

Charlo Greene is facing 24 years on drug charges stemming from two raids that occurred before Alaska legalized marijuana.  Green is best known for her live on the air walk off from her reporting job at KTVA while reporting on the cannabis store she owned on September 22, 2014.

Since then Green gained a lot of respect and support.  Two months after her on air walk off, Alaska legalized the use of marijuana.  It seemed to be all green for Green (tehe).

via The Guardian

But due to the raids that occurred before the legalization was set into effect, in February 2015, she was charged and is now facing up to 24 years.
Her statement in response to this is,

It’s almost dizzying when you try to make sense of it. It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life – Greene, via The Guardian (2016)

While it was legal to sell marijuana products in Alaska now, with a license, Greene feels she was not supported by her state government to get a start-up.  During this time the police raided her clubs after undercover officers investigated her business dealings at the club called the Alaska Cannabis Club, where licenses for weed allowed members to obtain weed after a small donation. Because of the multiple charges, she alone is now facing 24 years in prison even though she had no direct contact with any of the undercover cops

She feels that even though she gained fame through her weed club, there is little coverage of her prosecution or

“Modern Day Lynching” – Greene, via the Guardian (2016)

I think that the state is directly attacking this black female entrepreneur.  I think that this is disheartening that not many people are not yet rallying for her.  Also, I wonder if the laws can be retrospective.  You are literally punishing someone for something that is legal now.
What do you think?