So it is here!!  I know I have been absent, but I have came back with the jump off.  I decided to go in a different route and decided to start making podcasts.  I loved doing Cmortal Radio and have decided to reinvent that idea by doing Cmortalx Podcast.  Same concept, but it is something that you can take with you and download (if you wish.)

The podcasts will be uploaded on andc

My first Podcast focuses on these topics (included with timestamps):

0:00 CMXPodcast Vision

1:23 Orlando Mass Shooting

8:45 Gun Laws

14:30 Brexit (Was scared to do this one)

19:00 Gorilla vs Alligator BabyGate

24:30 Blackout Mess

27:44 Black gay men vs black women

39:13 Black mother arrested for whooping child

48:33 Greenleaf review