The Problem with the Black Church and Kim Burrell Regarding the Gays [Videos]

TW: The videos displays acts of violence against black queer people.

When I saw the onslaught of attacks from those on social media against Kim Burrell, I actually wondered, being the bad black feminist I try to be, did everyone else and I get so angry because a healthy dark skin black woman said these things? Is our collective “bruh!” based on the fact that she lies at an intersection that makes her an easy target?


Well I can only speak for myself and I already let you all know in the previous post that I knew how Kim Burrell felt about homosexuality before this situation.

Kim Burrell Goes on Homophobic Rant in Sermon.  And?! [VIDEO]

For both questions, my answer is no.  What triggered me was how she spoke so violently and aggressively out against homosexuality among black people, while there were black queer people in the pews allegedly.  It reminded me of being a teenager in various churches where preachers preached virulently against homosexuality and often directed their attention towards the queer members of the pews.  I knew this behavior and suffered from this rhetoric with my father, who was a great man but definitely had his biases.  This rhetoric triggered me and the delivery made it worse.

Burrell was literally screaming  against homosexuality to an audience full of queer people.  Yet, I have not seen this fervor from her when it comes to other issues. As well, how can someone speak on the spirit of perversion and not talk about the biggest manifestations of that spirit in the church, which include fornication, adultery, and pedophilia?  But this is common in the church.  I have literally watched adulterers, fornicators, and pedophiles get treated with more respect than queer members of various churches.

This hypocrisy is what made me flee from all churches.  I refuse to have who I am, who is a man who has consensual sex with other adult men, be torn down because of some preachers bigotry.  All the while, the same man or woman is committing acts of violence against bodies who may be able to o defend themselves or even consent.  So I am going to hell for fucking men but the preacher at a sister church is touching and rubbing the small of my back, and he is going to heaven.  Nigga please!!!

As well, this rhetoric leads to the violence displayed in the videos that are on this post.  And what makes it worse is that it is an artist that works with many queer people, as she works in the music industry.  As well, is supported by black queer people.  Because I know I still listen to her and other gospel artists.  What makes this situation the absolute worst is that she never apologized.  She said it is what it is and expects us to just move on.  But rhetoric like this is what kills people like me.  Because she is blowing a dog whistle to every sick and perverted crazy mofo who may see me switching and decides that it’s my time to go.  Or they may see my family members and attack them for housing this faggot.  Or they may come to my job and jump stupid because they are providing some kind of income.

And I am not condemning Kim Burrell as a person, because we all have our errors, but I am condemning the culture and belief system of the black church that influences ignorant people to performs acts of hatred.  Se just happens to be it’s representative at this moment This is the culture that harbors the same hatred expressed by white churches, which are a lot more homophobic and violent against gay people. And it still expects souls to come in the church.  

But how can you save my soul when you spoke in a tone and said things that stopped me at the door?  

I know it is not anyone else’s responsibility to get ourselves to heaven but our own, but you have to bring everyone in with love.  Love was the tool Yashua used. And while Kim Burrell may have HONESTLY thought that she did this out of love, she needs to be reviewed and needs to review herself.  Because this was an act of hatred.

Had this been any other person, who was a person of color (i.e. Kirk Franklin), then they would’ve been rebuked by black Twitter as well.  I am sorry, but Kim Burrell does not get a pass on this.  The church does not get a pass.  I am a black feminist, but miss me with that, because it may apply but it don’t fly.  Wrong is wrong no matter what!

In conclusion, I am not down for calling this Black Woman out her name or calling her an animal.  She made a mistake, but it was done in a safe space.  So let’s not attack Kim Burrell.  Let us attack and challenge the black church or the church as a whole that created a safe space for such hateful rhetoric.  Challenge them to actually read and comprehend the book they are preaching from.

Let me know what you think?

  • Robbie Yohn

    Black people need to become atheists. They were forced to convert to Christianity when they were brought here as slaves. Also intelligent people are more likely to be atheists. Learn to really question your bible and why you believe in that book. It can’t save you from anything. Going to church can’t save you, praying surely can’t save you. You have to stop believing in that religion that eats your brain and tells you to be hateful to whites, gays, asians, native americans, hispanics, non believers. Once you give up the hate you become a better person.

    • I don’t know about atheism, which is a white construct, but I say to look into African spiritualities.

      While I am agnostic at best, I don’t think it is the ultimate choice.