Donald Trump Takes Oath to be President

Donald Trump takes oath on a book he doesnt follow to lead a country he doesn’t love.

So what are y’all eating tonight?

Donald Trump is not my President

#notmypresident So Donald Trump really won the electoral college vote yesterday. Even after all the bullshit. I kept this sticker to remind myself that I, along with millions of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton, did our part. Yet, our voices went unheard and Trump was elected into office. But I take this off today knowing that our voices were not heard yesterday. But they can be heard in 2018 and 2020. Let's put every liberal, even the ones I don't like, in the house and in local office. I take this off knowing that I did what I could. And what is most funny! Is the fact that as we slowly got to this day, the sticker slowing started sliding off after holding steady for a month or two. This reminds me of election day where I saw an Eagle land on the side of 285 in Atlanta. And upon landing it began to walk into traffic. Cmortalx...Signing off.. PS. Enjoy your God Damn day and fuck this bullshit here.

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