Coward Dylann Roof Appeals (Begs) to the Courts Again to Repeal Death Sentence

Dylann Roof petitioned the 4th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday, May 23, 2017, for mercy regarding his current death sentence (Yahoo).

Dylann Roof was sentenced to death in his trial regarding the murder of 9 black church members in Charleston, SC earlier this year (cmortalx).  He was very bold in his trial. But that boldness has settled.  Oppose to him openly bragging about murdering people, which he did pre sentencing, he is now stating “I still feel like I had to do it,” “Anyone who hates anything in their mind has a good reason for it.” (

Dylann roof sentenced to death for NC Charleston Shooting

As you can tell, we are now seeing a more desperate and cowardly Dylann Roof.  This is of course after his first attempt to have the court appeal his judgement as he purchased the guns in the same state he killed the church members at.  *AHEM* *STUPID* * AHEM*

Now he is supposedly trying to prolong the trial until he White Supremacy reigns supreme, which it does.  The problem is that his tactic was old and unnecessary, which is why white supremacist threw him to the wolves.  Again, white supremacist do not need a white knight to reign supreme (cmortalx).  Has he not seen who is in office?

Dylann Roof Says he is not crazy and therefore regrets nothing as it is noted in his journal.


While he is pleading for mercy, he might want to put on a half ass apology or show some form of emotional intelligence, but I doubt he will.  Either way, I literally laughed out loud when I saw the report on my Facebook feed.  I really do not feel sorry for this scum bag piece of shit.  Roof is now seeking mercy while he gave no mercy to those he killed.  The death sentence is too good for his asinine, murderous, going to sleep ass.

Fuck Dylann Roof!

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