Elektra Vs Blade [Fan Fiction]

Elektra vs Blade Results

Elektra lost by a landslide when I asked members in a nerd group to vote on who would win in a fight between Blade and Elektra.  Elektra is a better fighter and matches Blade in strength, but preferences are preferences.

Blade Kills Elektra

Elektra was given a contract from a mysterious client to kill the one known as “Day Walker”. She has been researching and stalking Blade for weeks now.  She does this by taking control of people walking next to Day Walker in New York City on a daily basis. Switching bodies as necessary to keep on his tracks as his daily path is unpredictable. Nonetheless, Blade has already sensed a supernatural power stalking him and readies himself for combat at every turn. After hawking and marking her target, the stalking ninja finally feels ready to complete her contract.  

As Blade walks down the streets of New York, Elektra dives in from a building onto her prey. Suddenly, Blade swings his sword as she descends, and slashes her into pieces.  He turns around and continues his walk.
The vision ends and Elektra begins.  She gets up from her meditative pose and leaps to the next building where her prey will be passing.  She pulls out her Katana and she dives in on Blade. He swings his sword.  She dives opposite of his swing, avoiding his blade.  Once behind him, she swings her katana and slashes his nape.  But it is only a superficial wound.  
‘That never happens!’ Elektra thinks
Wide eyed,  Elektra suddenly feels a piercing pain in her bottom right abdomen.  Blades sword is piercing her stomach.  
Blade leans in and whispers, “Too Slow Witch.” 
He points the handle down and pulls out as he turns around. He hears the gushing of blood and a fall.  He walks away.  

Elektra wakes up and she is again in the snow.  And the mob of the 100s or maybe 1000s of people she has killed stampede towards her to kill her in the ways she has killed them for eternity.