Ellen Says that Kim Burrell Will Not be on Her Show!


Ellen Cancels Kim Burrell

In a recent post from Ellen DeGeneres, she states that Kim Burrell will not be appearing on her show, “Ellen”.  I am actually sadden by this.  But it makes perfect sense.  Ellen does not do controversy.  And even though I would’ve liked Ellen to combat Kim Burrell on her ideology, I think it is a good choice for Ellen and Kim Burrell.

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What Should Kim Burrell Do Now?

I still like Kim Burrell.  And yes, I am a black gay man who grew up in a Pentecostal church.  I think it is now time for Kim Burrell to turn this around.  She needs to get on something like Tavis Smiley, an Oprah sit-down, the T.D. Jake’s show, or any other media outlet that will create a safe and open space for Kim Burrell to express herself.  She needs to find someone who can understand where she was coming from or what she was doing.  Because Ellen isn’t offering that space anymore. She needs to thoroughly explain her point of view in a guided and directional interview.  Not in a YouTube, Twitter video, Instagram live, or Facebook live but in an interview.

Because I understood what she was saying.  The delivery triggered me, but I was able to understand the prophetic she was trying to enact upon.  As I said in “Kim Burrell Goes on Homophobic Rant in Sermon.  And?! [VIDEO]“, Kim Burrell said this in love.  These are the core beliefs of many evangelical Christians whether they say it or not.  This is America and that is Kim Burrell’s right to believe whatever she wants.  The same can be said for Ellen DeGeneres and I commend her for cancelling Kim Burrell’s appearance.

However, I completely disapprove of the public lynching that is going on with Kim Burrell, but that’s another post.

Let me know what you think?

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