Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Sins That Amends

Cookie starts getting mail for the expansion I think.  Miss Cookie is living the damn life.  But then she gets the golden gun.  Finally she gets a stone statue lion.  I think Lucious wants her back lol.

The family starts searching for a nanny.  Lucious stops it dead in its track.

Boo Boo Kitty can’t handle taking care of her baby.  She refuses to let granny take care of Bella.  But even though Granny is crazy, she might be a better fit.

Jamal has an interview with Angela Yee.  A psedo-psychologist tries to analyze Jamal of having PSTD.  Jamal continues to defend Freda.  WHY?!

So the Councilman is tying to organize a way to ensure that impoverished and underprivileged urban children are empowered.  Councilman invites Jamal to a summit.  Jamal accepts despite Cookies opposition.  Cookie does not want anymore issues outside of the feds.

Lucious praises Nessa for saving XStream event.  And Nessa can blow. Hakeem is trying to explain to Lucious that they have something going on with Shine/Xzibit.

Lucious evil ass shuts all of it down and agrees to work with Shine.

Cookie returns the gifts, including the diamonds because she is an independent woman.

Cookie still wants to ensure that they are strictly business.  Lucious tries to force Cookie’s hand to release Jamal’s Black and White album.  Cookie saves Jamal…AGAIN!!!!  And pushes it back.

Why did Cookie save the gun tho *inserts James Bond theme*?!

The kids are there with Councilman Dubois with his charity at Empire.  One of kids raps….he sounded cool.

Jamal expresses his want to save the world through music.  Lucious offers the to have the Summit and to sponsor the Summit and everyone agrees.  However, it has to be streamed on the XStream album.  Something wrong with this.  Satan always wants something.

I really like Hakeem’s new sound and he is kinda buffing up.

Nessa and Hakeem start working on a song and this might work.  They have great chemistry.

Cookie working with Becky trying to Leech off empire.  Lucious offers a gift to Jamal for a gift, which is a track.  I guess it’s from their first meeting.

We get a flashback…yay…:(

That’s right Cookie, get the problem out the equation.

So Andre big booty ass is sitting trying to summon the demonic spirit Tobi/Rhonda from the pits of Chanel and Dolce & Gabana Hell.

Jamal walks in on Andre and Andre breaks down.  Andre doesn’t know how to deal and Jamal volunteers to add him to his chart.

Lucious is courting Councilman…but what is he up to?!

Cookie reads Councilman and she spoke to my soul.  I think cookie needs to research the councilman.
I’m sure the writers made him have a hard past.

So Cookie is awoken by Biz and Lucious singing to her.  Lucious is thirsty as hell.

They keep flashbacking and if cookie goes back to him I might lose respect for the character.

And all girls love the bad girl.  Barry might be scientist somewhere, Lucious got you in a high-rise in New York with a recording label.  Like Maya Angelou says “[dont] take nothing from your journey yet!]

Yeah, Andre been through some shit and I asked my mom the same question.  But Andre is at a lost of faith, and that’s OK.  Sometimes that is the talk you need to have.

They are at the recording studio and Shine fucks someone up about lookin at Nessa and Hakeem shook.

Whoever the young rapper is, he is really good

After the councilman’s speech we get a flash back

BTW: Yes, it is important to understand your words have power. You can speak victory and damnation.  Calling someone a survivor oppose to a victim is a difference between life and death.

Lucious is a spokesperson….for whom.  Well he gets called on stage and calls out Jamal, knowing his mental issues.  Or in his mind, his weaknesses.

Jamal walks out and has another panic attack.  He is officially breaking down.


Cookie oughta fuck Lucious up.  I mean that was cruel.

Cookie then finally admits that JAMAL has a real problem.

After councilman talks to them, it seems that his position gets under their skin.  Cookie throws the cookie shade and Lucious straight says he wants to keep hings formal.

So Becky got a hottie, who I don’t know….he wants them to move to Shine’s record company.

Lol they reference the memes about Gaborey after Beyonce’s Lemonade album was released.

So we get to the brothers are having a sit down and you can tell Jamal shot the scene at two different times because his beards differ between shots. They all work to support each other.

Andre finally tries to move on by moving out the apartment.

Mr. Federal agent reminiscences on the older days and his mom chastising him about hanging with Lucscious.  I wonder what happened and this makes a lot of sense.

That is what scares me.  Like what if some weirdo is watching me on their ipad or whatever getting a kick out of me walking around nakey.

Lucious and Anika figure out that they are being monitored with a baby monitor, I wonder how they works.

While Andre is getting his stuff out of his wife’s apartment.  He gets confronted by the cops and this looks real familiar. I hope they don’t shoot him.

I guess they don’t from next weeks preview, but they should’ve did it like a soap opera.

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