Empire Season 3 Episode 3 What Remains is Bestial Review/Recap

Andre is fucked up by the cops and Cookie and Lucious is irate.

But Andre is like let me handle this the legal way, which is smart.  Their game may not be fair, but its better than bucking the system and getting everyone fucked up with the FBI.

So we have little Romeo/Gram there and Porsha is looking good with that hairstyle.

Why does Lucious’s bro has such an issue with him. Honestly?!

OMG I did not recognize Tiana, but she still dancing and singing.  She’s dope.  So Romeo/Gram is performing and he disses Hakeem.  Which hurts his fwellings.

Jamal confesses to going to a PTSD group and that’s GREAT.  Lucious dumb ass is like just go on stage.

I’m with Jamal, this performance is whack.  But why did they kiss and hurt Keem’s feeling like that.

Can we talk about how Romeo is the exact opposite of Gram now.  Like he’s always been the clean easy to listen to version of Master P.  In my opinion.  That’s why I liked Romeo.  He was always himself.

So they have Mariah/Kitty and Jamal do a duet and Kitty invites Jamal on tour.


Jamal politely refuses and Cookie is furious and guilts him into at least doing something.

So we have Zedd and Lucious agree to a deal..

So in order for Lucious to get more subscriptions for his XSTREAM and axe the Black and White album Jamal proposes his duet with Kitty.  Lucious/liteskinblacula agrees.

Shine abusive and mean ass tries to get tough with Nessa.  Ole Ike Turner ass!!!

But isn’t that his child?!!!!

Hakeem reports Shine crazy ass and Lucious is like watch that shit from a dissstaaaance!!!!  and STOP SNITCHING!!!

Lucious tries to incur the wrath of KEEM, but clearly they have a different set of morals.

Lucious mom does not like the distance Boo Boo Kitty is putting between her and her own child and mama is like her mother had voodoo dolls with pins on them that looked just like her whorish ass.

Cookie meets up with that uppity council man Dubois and he confronts her about Lucious deal with one of his kids with the scholarship.  He tells Cookie to fix it.  Cookie said bitch boo bye and walked off.

DuBois wants to show Cookie the importance of his program and education.  They ahve a coding program for black girls.

Jamal and Keem meet up with Andre for his trial and he gets the nigger treatment.

HULU yikes everybody hates chris tichina arnold slam door

His lawyer tries to get him to take a plea deal, but Andre would never face this issue unless everyone knew he had mental issues.

Lucious drives them to the hood, like the bad bad hood lol.

Andre is like let me out after his dad’s monologue disrespecting his wife and says he rather be dead than be like Lucious.

Jamal follow suit and Keem’s daddy boy lets him take him to the recording studio and I don’t like this song too much.

Lucious gets a call to the Mansion de la Boo Boo Kitty.  She is there with a USPS driver giving her head and he runs like Hell after Lucious turns the heat on his ass.  She is cold hearted.

First you kill Rhonda, then you kill Lucious big moment of him getting 10 million subscribers for XStream.

So Lucious let Boo Boo Kitty know that his mom is waiting like how you want the body, whole or in pieces?

Boo Boo explains that the only reason she didn’t snitch is to stay alive.  And he needs her.

Jamal tries to meet up with his victimizer Freda, but he still is having episodes.  She triggers him.  Did she ever come out as gay?

Jamal needs to realize that Freda made a mistake and he shouldn’t have even been in the way.

Jamal is at the studio trying to record with Kitty and Mimi is really trying to support him.


Zedd is at Empire and ready to sign the deal and Cookie convinces him not to sign that AWFUL damn contract.  She wants him to go to college.  But what’s funny is that in real life he is a rapper.

Right, the world has enough entertainers, but go to college to see what you want to do in your life.  Jay Z started in his LATE twenties, so he’ll be straight.

Councilman DuBois attempts to thank Cookie and she really falls for him.

Then we find out that Lucious slick released the Black and White album repackaged as the Black album, which includes all the songs he produced.  Him and Cookie have a do out and Lucious wants back control of the Empire, but Cookie has the board of directors on her side. Hmph.

Lucious’ brother meets with his nephew Andre and scares him.  Andre figures out that fed eye helped the officer trump up the charges.

The fed offers to drop the charges if Andre snitches and rats out his father.


Yeah don’t rush out here to be an entertainer unless that is all you want to do.  Be you! Be free!! Figure yourself out!!!