Empire Season 3 Episode 5 One Before Another

Hakeem! It is fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice, bro, I’m a dumb ass.

If Hakeem has not figured out that Lucious does not like his dumb ass outside of the fact that he is the only one who birthed a heir to throne, then he is lost.  The only reason, Lucious is caring about you is because you are the most profitable and productive one in his eyes.

Then after being blinded by daddy attention, you have a blow out that airs all your familial dirty laundry on XStream!  You are the same asshole and jerk who almost destroyed your family when you was on the throne before.

Talking about being played, Cookie, the councilman is dirtier than your whole family.  Trust me!

๐Ÿ‘ Not in my watch๐Ÿ‘

Something about Councilman rubs me the wrong way, the same way, Alderman on Good Times did.

The fact that he almost got a government official fired for doing their job should tell you how awful this man REALLY is.

Jamal and Andre were almost absent this episode outside if then being cursed out by their youngest sibling.

Tell me if I am missing anything, because I know I am missing a lot?

BTW: The Shine invasion didn’t do it for me.  Sorry.  The bro talk they had to squash their beef didn’t not satiate my visual blood thirst.