Evanescence these damn Evanescence Questions

So Everytime I hear news about Amy Lee that is big, it’s about Evanescence.  Nothing relates to her solo work.  And that really upsets me.  The most breaking news is that she will start new Evanescence work, “Sometime”- Amy.  People are now jumping on hills because of this.  That offends ME!

​Everyone who knows me knows that I love Evanescence.  But seriously, Evanescence came out during a period where mesh sleeves was worn by the black kids and hot topic was the shit.  As well, most if us, including Amy, have matured out of the issues that lead us to music groups like Evanescence, Linkin Park, and H.I.M.  (Yes, H.I.M.)
But that doesn’t mean the music isn’t good, relevant, or that she shouldn’t make more music with Evanescence.  I still listen to their daily, but it was meant to help with the teen angst and young adult misdirection that we experienced at the time.  Amy Lee is now a wife, a mother, a composer, a music score writer, etc etc etc.  Yet the only questions we care about are about Evanescence when it comes to her.  
At the end of the day, these are the same folks who damn anything beyond Fallen.  Literally, that is the only album a lot of them like from Amy Lee.  And that is when she was almost a teenager, and dating an abusive and controlling boyfriend/manager.  Cut y’all bullshit.  
Artists create art in the times and space made available to them.  As a mommy that Monique plays mother roles and puts her experience as a mother in her stand up. As a wife Amy writes more love songs.  As a mommy, created a children’s album.  As a singer, she did Recover Vol. 1.
Stop looking at Amy Lee as if her only accomplishments coincide with Evanescence.  She is beyond Evanescence and so are most of us adults who listened to her a child or a teenager. The music is a great reminder of what a lot of us felt and how this music helped us, but I am doubting that it coincides with Amy’s current vision.  Again, artist create what they experience.   
But for all you persistents, Evanescence is touring.  
Check out their website evanescence.com to see when they are coming to a city near you.

Get Amy Lee’s new album, “Dream Too Much” & “Recover, Vol. 1” from Amazon, iTunes, and record outlets.