Exposing HIV Positive Persons

There has been a recent event where a Youtuber outed their ex roommate for being HIV positive.  The person’s issue is that their ex roommate are spreading HIV to other persons in the community by having raw sex with people.  Some of these persons in the community are their friends.  It became a big deal because people felt that this Youtuber crossed the line.  Now there is this big backlash for the person who spoke out against their ex roommate with HIV.

I kind of did not care, because it has been done before.  Honest to God, I think that the only way a person could get justice for the crime is if people like the ex roommate are committing this crime to minors, women, or white men.  Those are the only cases I have seen actually go somewhere.  However, I am not totally against the person who is speaking out or am I for him.

I respect that someone is speaking out, but they should not being using their ex roommate’s name.  It is tacky and disgusting.  Just as the Dl detective, they should handle maters like this privately.

If it is so important, then it should be done so in PRIVATE.

Now the people who did have sex with the ex roommate will be embarrassed and shamed.  Meaning that they may not get tested.  Or if they do get tested and come out positive, then they would not tell others.  This places everyone in a bad situation, including the person who wanted to do all the outing.  I mean this YouTuber will not get off their soapbox, but that is kinda what I respect about them.

They are confrontational and controversial and I live for it.  But they were wrong in what they attempted to do, which is to shame a HIV positive sexually active black man in the south.  That is bad m’kay.

This puts everyone in danger.  The ex roommate is in danger, the Youtuber is in danger, and the potential HIV victims are in danger.  There is no way to see where this may actually lead.

Please stop!

Just Stop!

I think that if the Youtuber gets sued, then it is their fault.  I hope that they really have proof.