Fidel Castro Dies and Nostalgia Takes Over. Please!

It has been confirmed by New York Times that Fidel Castro is dead (Depalmo, 2016).

But why in the hell are some people glorifying him? While I appreciate anyone who gives America a good run for its money, except Trump, Castro was a dictator.  I know that most socialist and communist countries have these.  And like many of those countries, under Castro, a lot of his people endured hardships based on his constant struggle to uphold communism as a working government system.

From the flight of 92 to the insane suicide rates of women in his country, the Castro regime has been horrible in regards to serving his people.

I get the nostalgia of Castro, as he supported the end of apartheid in Africa and made Americans collectively pee themselves during the Cold War.  As well, he maintained his independence from America, which is rare.  And it hasn’t been until the end of 2014 that ties to America were restored (Depalmo, 2016).  And even then, the relationship was still very limited (Dominguez, 2015). But with all the support he had from various leaders across the world, you would think that his people would flourish.  But no.

Havana times reported in 2014, that around 15, 000 people committed suicide (Martinez, 2014). While it is reported that the people there have basic needs like water, food, housing, and clothes, which is one of the premises for having a socialist/communist government.  Outside of tourism and outsourcing work, Cuba’s economy is suffering as of recent times. Despite a great effort in investing in their people regarding education and specialized skill/trade training, many people either leave for competitive pay or they are just not given any incentive to remain there (Dominiquez, 2015).

Being it is a communist state where a person’s pay grade is determined by the state and not a competitive market, many Cubans take their education and skills and leave for capitalistic gain.

This gap in specialized and skilled workers clearly has left a gap in the government’s economy.  It seemed to me, that Castro was so focused on pleasing dictators and world leaders. His pride came before his people.  That does not make for a leader. It makes for a dictator who would watch his country burn before he lets go of his desires and ideologies.

You can defy America all you want, but don’t defy the needs and cries of your people.

Also, Hitler and his Nazi regime was considered a form of revolution too, so save the coded language and don’t be fooled by it.

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