Forget Perception

Perception is reality.


Yes, perception is reality.  However, that perception or reality is real only for the person who is perceiving.  It does not expand into others worlds or universe.  We can all look at an apple and perceive it differently, however, my perception or reality of what that apple is does not mean that it is the reality or the perception of the other persons viewing the apple.

Perception is a great concept and works in a way to help people understand why there are different views and understanding of the world.  However, when people do not understand that perception is based on one’s past experience and current understanding of whatever the subject is, then it becomes a problem.  This allows people to perceive that their perception is reality and is real for the entire world.

I think that it is an awful thing to force your view of a situation upon another person.  To dismiss a person’s life, an event, god, the universe by dismissing all other vantage points that are available, belittles the entire concept of perception.  The only thing that a person can truly perceive is themselves.  We know who we are when wake up.  We know who we are when we go to sleep.



Love you