French Police Alleged Rape of Black Man is a Historical Epidemic

French police allegedly raped and beat a black man by the name of Theó, who is now out the hospital but still has rectal tearing, with a police truncheon/baton while arresting him.  In response to the allegations, a representative stated that the sodomy using a truncheon was an accident.  So I think I see where this is going.

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French Police Aren’t the Only Ones

My first question when reading about this was, “What are racist white people’s obsession with the black male ass?” In fact, what is the world’s obsession with black male ass?  Because it doesn’t stop at the objectification of black women through the Hottentot Venus mimicry and stereotypical reinforcement in media.  It is extended unto the black male body with reinforced imagery focusing on the black male ass.

This may be why sagging was promoted by the white ran music industry and television networks in the 90s and 2000s. Only to now be condemned by the black men who helped initiate it.

The Historical Epidemic

As we all should know, rape goes beyond simple obsession and is mostly about power. And this has been a pattern as it relates to how other races engage with black people.

Have you heard this story?

An oppressive group kidnaps, which is what an arrest without proper cause is, black bodies and then they continue to beat and sodomize them. Sounds familiar?  Well how about an incident where a group of white football players forced a wire hangar up their mentally disabled black team mates ass, which resulted in a slap in the wrist.  This behavior may be quite common and is based in neo-colonialism as it is representative of how oppressive bodies behave with black people.

This is the reinforcement of white supremacy and anti-blackness that is global.  Rape was a common tool used during slavery as a means to reinforce white supremacy and demoralize black slaves.  It includes the abuse of black women by white men, their peers and/or their slave owners.  It also includes the lesser known sex farms, where black men would be sodomized by their peers, their masters, and other white men. It is a pattern that has repeated itself throughout global history as it relates to black people.

The French police and those non indicted white footballers were able to brutalize and sodomize black men and nothing was done.  But just like killing a black man or woman is just seen as an oversight, it appears that any rape of one by a person is seen that way as well by our “global” society.

If that is not the truth, then what are we seeing?

There are many non-reported incidents of rape among black women and black men that  go unreported. And a lot of those incidences involve police officers and other authorities.  In fact, a white police officer was caught on tape raping a teenage black girl in South Africa and we truly don’t know who the officer is or when his trial date will start or if it has started. (And I scoured the internet for that information!).


I don’t know of a true solution to this historical epidemic outside of reporting and making noise, like the French protesters are doing for this guy.  We have to make everyone know that this is unacceptable, whether its online, in the streets, in publications, or in other forms of media.  Black Lives Matter and Black Bodies Matter.  We have the right to our bodies and no one can abuse that.  You had him fucked up at the unwarranted arrest, no less the actual sodomy.

Let me know what you think?

As well, with the multiple reports of black women experiencing the same thing, do you find it odd that this is getting so much attention?