Q&A – Cis Het Woman: Do Gay Men Really Hate the Female Body?!

Well I can only speak for myself!!

Question from an older black cis het woman in Gray Sweatpants Matters group:

“Gay men… what’s wrong with [the] *female genitalia*? Do y’all really hate the creation of Life that bad??? No shade..just curious” – Older Black Cis Het Woman

Now the lady was being shady and threw a whole tree. The entire thread became an anti-gay and anti-woman shadefest.  But I saw this question for what it really may have been, which was a shady attempt to get clarification on how others perceive the world.  This grown woman has never been a gay male and wanted to understand us.

And for me, the best response to any shade of any kind is class. This is my response below.

BTW: The admins of Gray Sweatpants Matters deleted her post because of the homosexual gender war that began in that thread. But I have screenshots. Head over to facebook.com/cmortalx for them.


Dear Cis Het Lady Inquiring about my personal views on the female body,

A. I think it is misogynistic to hate the genitals of females and intersex persons.

B. However, I think the act of licking, fucking, and playing with vagina is disgusting.

C. I don’t know the rationale really, but I accepted that it didn’t interest me after I accepted myself as teen.

D. I think it’s great that you nice cis het people are so enthused about that kinda behavior. Do you…

E. Dick is great and a (clean) niggas ass is dope.

F. Most of the niggas y’all sweat about being gay ain’t shit, including me. A lot of these dudes want to know how to return many of us.

This not only answered the question, but got a positive response from the original poster and other women in the thread.  In fact, it well received, because it really helped people understand my point of view as a black gay/SGL/SSL male.

You will be surprised at the amount of stuff that many cis het people don’t understand about anything non-hetero.  It is like they live in a bubble and they can survive just living in that bubble.  It’s like dealing with white privilege on a sexual oriented and gender level.  Cis het people don’t have to be concerned with the happenings of non-hetero bodies because it doesn’t affect them and when they do speak out, it is usually because they took an offense to it.  Like with this, the original poster probably has taken an offense to the fact that there are men out there who will not find her attractive because she identifies as woman and has female genitalia.

And I love how the OP used such an interesting place like Grey Sweatpants Matters, which was originally a Facebook group set up for viewing guys’ bulges in sweatpants and other pics.  GSM is really becoming this arena for socio-political debate and it is beautiful (you know, when it is not being a shadefestival).

At the end of the day I am a body positive person. I think that we should appreciate our bodies and others. We have to respect each other and try not to induce any form of dysphoria. Whether a woman has a vagina or a penis, they are still a human who deserves love and compassion. Maybe it is not the type of love I can offer, but they definitely deserve it from someone. However, that someone will not be me.

With that, they have to respect the fact that I am a Same Gender Loving (SGL) & Same Sex Loving (SSL) Black male who has a great affinity for penis on men/males and the (CLEAN) ass of men/males.

My preference has nothing to do with any woman. Like literally. I just like what I like and that is all there is to it.

When I say it’s me, not you ladies…BELIEVE IT!!!

And again, most of us are still trash men, we just like other trash men.


Please let me know if I missed anything, if you disagree with anything, or if you have another point of view.

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