[Reblog] I’m Gay and This Is Why You Should Care by Michael Twitty

I’m Gay and This Is Why You Should Care by Michael Twitty (afroculinaria.com)

Gay SGL Black Men are Being Silenced

Kim Burrell and her public lynching has taken away the voices of many black gay SGL men. Those of us who have to live at intersections are being pointed and directed into rhetoric that does not benefit or edify us as a whole.  We live at intersections where not just one identity defines us and defines how people interact with us but where multiple identities creates the lens in which people view us.  With all the acts of racism and white supremacy, we may just want to get our voice back from the mainstream’s fire raid of this black woman.  Because once they are done with Kim Burrell, we may be next.

Quote from Michael Twitty

Don’t just be angry at homophobia that kills–be mad at white supremacy that kills–about homophobia in the Black community that isolates and destroys families and corrupts houses of worship into houses of hate–honor Black ministers and civil rights leaders and promote their profile of those who work towards bridging the gap and bringing us all together.  Be angry at racism in the gay community and stop telling me to get over it.  Be angry at gay misogyny and universal transphobia and work against anti-Jewish attitudes and beliefs and the silencing of Jewish diversity…

– Afroculnaria (Michael Twitty)

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