How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 7 Call It Mother’s Intuition

This episode, like the rest, is jam packed, so I am going to focus on the parts that caught my attention

The main story line:

A mother is accusing her three children of trying to murder her with AntiFreeze.  The mother is mean as cat shit, but she was never physically abusive.  Being that she is an entrepreneur and a woman of age, I count her verbal and mental abuse as a way to get her children prepared for the world that never accepted her.  

But that abuse occurred and her privileged children, who whine too damn much, are damaged because of it.  But my thing is that if someone makes you so miserable that you want to kill them, then walk away and never go back.  I don’t know how to advise you on that, but I am sure there are some forums on the internet to help you.  But they didn’t and they found themselves in that situation.

Oliver’s HIV Status:

We all know now that Oliver is HIV positive and with medication, he is now undetectable, which only means his viral load is low and the CHANCES of him passing it on is low as well.  But this seems to only stand true for the fluids that were tested.

When Oliver and his new love interest, Thomas (Basic white trade from any white gay bar), are getting it on, Oliver discloses his status before it goes too far. This pumps the brakes on Thomas and he makes the “opps I shitted my pants” face.  This cuts this little date short.

I know that has to hurt because Thomas WAS so interested in him before knowing Oliver is positive.  But ignorance and preference often goes hand in hand.  Do we remember the casino? And we come to find out later, that this really does hurt Oliver.

Oliver then goes to Connor to basically get his boo back.  And when he is expressing his feelings, quite poetically might I add, he is illuminated by a portrait of James Baldwin behind him James Baldwin was a black queer poet/novelist from the Harlem Renaissance.  

I just thought this was a powerful scene that connected with me.  Langston was open and courageous and in this scene, so was Oliver.  This is something I doubt I could do.  But it works for Oliver and Connor and they make love.  I just really loved that scene.  You give me hope.

The filibuster at Keating Murder House:

Keating reveals that the case regarding Wes’ murder is being attacked in the chink of its armor.  There is no Eve or allegation of family murderers are disappearing.  These were the two factors that were set to save them from murder charges in regards to Wallace’s shooting.  This causes a big breakdown with the Keating 5 and they want answers!  They demand that Keating provide them and Keating decided to pull up a chair and listen to them bitch about how awful she is in spite of her saving their dumbass lives.

If it wasn’t for Keating, everyone would be in jail, dead, disqualified from taking the bar, or worse.  Keating saved and keeps saving her ungrateful children and they want to see her dead. Sounds familiar?  What made it worse is that everyone said what they wanted to say except Wes, who said that Keating already knows how he feels with that bullet he put in her.  This is some sick shit.  And then Keating just goes on about her business as if she wasn’t disrespected.

I am sensing another breakdown.

Who can judge Frank but God:

Bonnie went in on Frank, who decided to come back after the framing Wallace’s son.  She talked about how good Massa Keating is ta ha and how she gives ha all da sleeps she needs, she gives ha foods and drink.  

Frank is trying to break Bonnie from Keating’s spell, but with no success. And Keating has a spell on Bonnie.  Keating casts it on Bonnie whenever she brings up Bonnie’s childhood rapes by the hands of her father.  Keating uses that as the base and stirs in whatever else she can to get to make Bonnie to KNEEL TO HER WILL.

But instead if listening, Bonnie bashes Frank as if she is clean. Everyone on that show is a murderer.  Whether they helped cover it up, actually committed it, or knows about it but won’t say anything. They are all murderers.  These are NOT good people.  But that’s why we love them, because who is a good person?

Wes said this is not conditionally approved:

I was Yessing so hard at the scene where the detectives are attempting to get Wes to snitch on Keating for immunity from some charge. They hand Wes that contract, and he asks for a pen.  They offer him consultation, but Wes says he doesn’t need it.  He then goes to town in the contract. He points out what is wrong and basically tells them to shove it.  Wes may just be a law school student, but Wes is a student of the Law.
What do you think?