How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 8 No More Blood

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The show starts off with Keating finding out that there is a snitch, but doesn’t know it is Wes yet.

1 Week Earlier:

Keating finds out Frank is in town and threatens to shoot the man if he comes close to her.  But Keating, that is basically one of your children.  But whatever I guess.

Then we find out that Charles Mahoney, who is the guy they are pinning Wallace’s death on, has an alibi.  Then in all hypocrisy, Keating has Frank look for the alibi.

Question: Are Oscar and Connor together or not? Because my man can’t get flowers from anyone but me.

While Frank is looking for the alibi, Bonnie and the K5 decide to give the prosecutors Wes’ medical record to bid time.

As well, while Frank is on the lookout, he sees the woman who set Keating up to get into a car accident and hence, causing Keating’s miscarriage.  Frank reports to Bonnie and Bonnie reports to Keating. 

Now Keating has an alibi that is attacking her soul child Wes and that has killed her natural child.  That lady better tread lightly.

To get Wes to testify, he must be proven mentally competent.  So they go get his health records. Wes and Laurel go to the hospital because calling in for records is not possible (Sarcasm). They see Meggy there and they have a blow out because Meggy figures out that Waurel (Yes it is cheesy) is a thing.

And you killed Sam.

Frank finds the alibi, who is called Lisa Cambry.  Frank threatens to hurt her or her child. Frank this is a new low buddy. But you have killed women before.  So I guess this is what you do.

Yes Keating! While waiting for Frank, Keating seemingly gets back on the wagon.  But nope, she just buys junk food.

Frank refuses to kill Lisa and/or her child.  But Bonnie wants him to kill them.  OMG Bonnie that is really messed up.

The next step to get the witness testimony of Wes, Wes undergoes a mental evaluation. It works and he is cleared to testify.

He testifies.

He does well.  But the defense seems to know a lot more than she lets on. And the prosecutor did the damn thing. 

Keating gets home and concerns Frank!

Frank thought that Keating could get over it and blames Sam for Keating’s attack and the following miscarriage.  

But Keating is not having that.  She lets him know how she feels and let him know everything about himself.

Then he goes suicidal and pulls out a gun and points it to his skull.  

Keating is like do it bitch!!!
I was laughing so hard. Because Keating couldn’t kill him, but she wasn’t going to stop him from dying.

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The K5 confront Bonnie about her not telling then about the dead body found in the house. They want to know if it is Connor, but he is booty ass naked with Thomas.  Nice. Lol.

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