#htgawm Season 3 Episode 3 Always Bet Black Review Recap

Starts off with Oliver getting the phone and running like a rat to erase it.

6 Weeks Earlier:
Then we get Annalise getting her mug shot.

Nate filed a missing person report on Frank.  But Annalise is like she is dealing with the shit.  But yeah…HOW?!
Then they have a discussion about their relationship.  And that ass Nate!!! Damn.

Keating sees the president in the quad and she eats the pres out.  She chews her out for being a brown noser and the pres is like

Pres wants her to keep a low profile and she has the case for Toby Solomon who G’s girls and then allows one of them to die.  He fired 5 of his attorneys and went bankrupt and that’s why he wants Pro Bono and Michaela takes it with no struggle from anyone else.

Tobi is a horrible misogynist and Keating warns him about hitting on Michaela.
In court it is found that he liked to get escorts and had a blog grading them.
Then there is an selfie that Keating want to combat it due to no discovery being released to them.

The objection is noted but the selfie is released to the court where he takes a pic of him next to the sleeping girl.

Michaela wants to quit and they get Oliver to search the computer.  They prep ole boi Tobi to stand trial.

Laurel meets up with her father and surprise surprise, FRANK IS THERE.

So daddy was listening to their calls and that is how he knows about Frank.  So we have the corporate Iyanla Vanzant there to mediate the “issues” between Laurel and her Father, Jorge Castillo.

Wes is trying to hack the company’s mainframe after learning Laurel went to see her father, which she didn’t tell him I guess.

So Nate is moving in with Keating and Bonnie wants to take a plea deal.

I AGREE!!!  He’s white and a criminal charge won’t be that hard for him to live with.

So we find out that Aiden, Connor and Michaela’s ex, got engaged…ok.

Asher defends Michaela from Tobi and comes out as her “Boo” and Bonnie walks in…i guess that’s suppose to dramatic.  But I don’t care.

So we find out that Laurel was kidnapped when she 16, but her daddy could not pay for her ransom due to government laws.

Then daddy finally apologizes with the corporate Iyanla Vanzant’s help and Laurel is like give me what I want or else sir lol.

Keating meets with the prosecutor/asst district attorney for a deal.  But the DA says there is no deal due to years of bad behavior from Keating.

Except I don’t have to fake it. – Keating

So Wes and natural pro blacks in bed.  They discuss Wes’ birthday.

Laurel calls and ole natty girl walks out.

So there was a lie about a dead granny to disguise her visit to her father.  So guess who shows up.  Talk of the devil, daddy shows up to the her hotel door with cake.

They discuss her mom and where frank is.

He found Frank and mocks his ass.  He brings the receipts. Or so I think and apparently it is just the paperwork for an apartment in her name????????

Annalise calls, but she gets puts straight to voicemail.

Nate comes in from a run with that bawwdiaddyiaddy.  Then Bonnie comes in and yes Oliver I agree.

Then we find out Tobi took out 200000 dollars and he is being black mailed for killing another girl named Janie.

So Soror #4 is facebook stalking ole girl and her ex and Oliver tries to comfort her.  Then Michaela gets fired and gets Oliver to call Conner to get party hardy.

Tobi, Keating, and Bonnie discuss Janie.  So he got Janie coked up and after she refuses his advances it triggered him and he kills her with a baseball bat.

We all get called names.  – Keating

Then he drags her to the abandoned warehouse and left her in a broken freezer.

So they go out to gamble with some of Tobi’s money lol and they when on black lol.

Bonnie proposes to tell DA and Keating is like Hell No.

You can tell Bonnie feels guilt and Keating brings up the fact that Bonnie killed Rebecca.  Bonnie is like someone killed her dad, who was raping her, and that saved her life.  She is right.  Someone has to do the right thing.

Keating offers Bonnie a night stay, but that is probably to prevent her from calling the police.

Bonnie gives us that she is Tired

Bonnie leaves and you can telling Keating is either really worried or scared.

Soror #4 and Asher are enjoying themselves and Asher catches Oliver flirting with some beefcake and Connor is just like over it and refuses to beg.

We get Wes texting Laurel while sleeping with her new bf.  Then the dude who was flirting with Oliver goes to Connor and says that Asians aren’t really his type.  He almost gets his ass kicked by Connor for being one of those bigoted gays on Grindr/Humpr.

Then we find out that Michaela lost all of Tobi’s money.

Bonnie is at home watching Janie’s webpage her mom handles and I know she is going to call the number on the site.

Keating is in bed with Big Dick Nate and she is uncomfortable.  To leviate this, Nate says that they should both share secrets.

Keating reveals the truth about Janie and Frank is like I was just gonna tell you I kissed a guy in college.

Laurel gets a call from Frank and he is drunk talking about Annalise sent a hit man after him.

Connor and Oliver make up in the car and you can tell Connor has grown.

Michaela gets the money by selling her engagement ring for 17000 dollars

Michaela walks in on Tobi taking the stand talking about Janie.

Then they get some poor sap accused of the murder of Janie.  Then they set it up that because of the previous attorney and the DA’s bias, that Tobi can not get a fair trial.

Then Keating brings up that convo with the DA at her office.

SHE IS BAD!!!!!!!

Then at the office, Tobi is complaining about three years for a plea deal.





So we get Laurel and she signed for the apartment building, I guess.  So she had to sign to get the building to get the info on Frank.

That was a difficult plot line to follow or I’m slow to the uptake.  More than likely I am slow to the uptake.

Jorge just wants Laurel back in his life, but it seems like she has no choice.

Bonnie comes in on Michaela turning in the money.

Then it comes out on the media that the Keating 5 solved the missing girl case and that may help Keating politically.

Wes calls Laurel and gets the voicemail outside his apartment and his girlfriend knows.  She wants to let him know that she has to focus on Wes while he still wants Laurel and she has E.R. rotations.  She says she is happy for his happiness and Wes says he wants her.


But she does fall for it ANYWAY.

So Laurel lies to Keating about find the location of Frank.



We find Oliver after he cleaned the info on the phone.  There we meet up with Bonnie who gets on scene as Keating’s lawyer.  She distracts the detective guy while Oliver plants the phone.  Then we find out that the person under the sheet is alive.


I love this fucking show.  Sometimes people who do bad things need a slap to get out of their self pity regarding the consequences.  That’s life.  Keating is bad summagun.  She got him off for two murders and he was still ungrateful.  White male privilege at it’s finest.