Serena Williams’ Engagement and the Call for Interracial Dating

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The Call for Interracial Dating

Javonne Michael Clark has been active on social media for a while now.  I enjoy many of his videos.  He is very outspoken and presents his opinion very well.  Follow him or friend him on social media at In a recent post, Clark calls black women to engage in interracial dating because of the amount of downlow and gay men that exist within the black community and the increased HIV transmission among black women.  Clark calls black women to task for allegedly introducing homosexuality into the community and promoting it.  Clark also calls black women to task for allegedly dating black men with effeminate qualities and not promoting traditional masculinity.  Finally, Clark calls the American society to task for allegedly promoting the gay lifestyle through the promotion of homosexual media and culture.  This includes the new street culture, jail culture, sagging, new dances, television shows like Empire, movies, and music.

Is Interracial Dating Okay?

I am not sure what triggered Clark’s reaction, but it seems very personal.  As well, the popularity of their video seems to be a direct response to Serena Williams’ engagement to white reddit owner, Alexis Ohanian. And I have to kind of agree with Clark and I do support the engagement between Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian.  Williams can marry whoever she wants. If she is happy, then so am I. But I am gay man, so I can’t relate to the delusional men of the internet who are in a collective depression.

But in regards to the argument that black women should engage in interracial dating because of the increased amount of down low and homosexual black men, I do have my concerns about the premise.  Yes, black women should engage in interracial dating. But not because black men are engaging in more homosexual behavior or that there are more down low black men, but because they want to.  Black women, like black men, should be able to date whoever they want.  I like the conclusion, but I hate the premise.

Homosexuality and Masculinity of Black Men

In fact, the video was more about the reduction of masculinity and the apparent increased homosexual behavior in the black community.  And as a black SGL/gay/queer man, who has dated mostly black men, I can say that I am seeing a more open environment in the black community in regards to expression and sexuality.  When I was growing up, masculinity was valued and measured on strict sets of behaviors and qualities, but not any more.  In fact, traditional masculinity among black men is being challenged constantly.

I think this challenge against traditional masculinity is what Clark is referring to when he discussed sagging, dance, television, and music.  Masculinity among black men is definitely transitioning.  And for older black men who were reared as I was, this transition can be difficult to cope with and understand.  But where I think Clark gets it right is that the catalyst for this transition seems to be the current culture, which is consumed and embraced by many black men, that seems to be a  byproduct of jail culture.

Jail Culture and Black Men

We can not deny that jail culture is heavy with male on male sex and violence.




Jail culture directly connects with the public schools systems and street life, as they all can be interrelated for many black men.

As well, this jail culture directly influences the lives of black men and the music and media that black men consume.  This culture is either changing along with black men or is changing black men.  And that idea scares me. If the catalyst of the transition of masculinity is poisonous and destructive, as jail culture happens to be, then it challenges my views on the benefits of the transition.

I mean all great transitions in society were mobilized by some pretty bad things, but this is something I can’t say I support.

The Downlow Black Man

In response to the notion that down low men are increasing in the black community and that is why black women should engage in interracial dating, I have to call the premise out for being moot.  Homosexual behavior among back men has not really changed as much as the amount of men being exposed for behaving in that behavior.  Straight guys like to have sex with each other and that is true across the board.

Refer to: Why Some Straight Men Are Romantically or Sexually Attracted to Other Men by Joe Kort PHD

HIV Among Black People

But nonetheless, the real issue lies in the transmission of HIV.  I know the argument from many gay men is that the downlow men are not the main reasons why HIV transmission is so high among straight black couples.  But that can be challenged because black men who engage in homosexual activity, may engage in anal sex. Anal sex is the most effective way to transmit HIV.  HIV can only be transferred through bodily fluids.  Anal sex breaks the walls of the rectum and anus and if the penetrator is not wearing a condom, then the blood can come in contact with the semen or precum and transmission can occur.

Refer to: Transmission and Prevention of HIV by Animated HIV Science (WARNING: CONTENT SHOWS VISUAL GENITALS)

However, straight black men and women have anal sex with each other as welll.  It is everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves.  As well, there are medicines, like PrEP, that reduces the transmission of HIV by 99 percent almost.  Even if we were to argue that many Downlow black men behave in risky sex amongst each other and still date black women, we can not put all blame on down low black men when the responsibility to prevent the transmission of HIV is everyone’s job.  If the issue is HIV prevention among black people, then let us promote healthy safe sex.


With all this being typed, I have to point out that I can only view and understand so much.  There could many reasons as to why the masculinity of black men is transitioning into something I can see as healthy and nontoxic.  But I can not say that Clark didn’t make some good points.  I see a direct correlation and causation between the increased amount of influence of jail culture in the street dudes and in the media black men consume, which is created by hetero white corporations, and the reduction of traditional masculinity among black men.

Let me know what you think?

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