James Alex Fields Mows Down Anti-Racist Protesters

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, sped his silver Dodge Challenger into a crowd of people who had been protesting the assembly of white nationalists, white supremacists, fascists and others, according to police.


I have to say that on a national level, things are becoming very nostalgic in regards to the uprising of open racism and homophobia within our country.  The glare of violence and hatred seen at the Charlottesville, VA race rallies sponsored by the White Supremacist groups in the area gives insight on the continued uplifting and reinforcement of white supremacists in our current society. This of course is caused by the ongoing Trump administration’s gesture to these communities by furthering the oppresuion of people of color and non hetero persons in the military and on civilian levels.  

This group has been encouraged to the point where those like Alex Fields feel bold enough to commit attempted vehicular homicide against a group anti-racist protesters.  In fact, when I first read it, I had to be sure I read it correctly.  “A Dodge Challenger ran into a group of ANTI-racist protesters protesting racist groups rallying FOR white supremacy.”

What the heck?!!!!!

Now that we know that Fields is linked directly to white supremacists groups and that this was a physical attack against people of color in that area based on political beliefs, then why isn’t this being called an act of terrorism?  Also, why wouldn’t this be classified as much by the Trump administration?  However 🤔, why would Trump call his main support group terrorists?

Do you think Fields will get convicted?

Should there be a state of emergency or travel warning placed on Virginia?

And why hasn’t the military gotten involved being they are right there?