James Baldwin I Am Not Your Negro and A Rap on Race [Video]

James Baldwin A Rap On Race

James Baldwin and Margaret Mead discussed race in “A Rap On Race”.

(reeblack, 2017)

James Baldwin had a discussion with Margaret Mead about racism in an audio (that is no longer in release) and in a book called, “A Rap On Race“, which was published in 1973.  However, reeblack has been gracious enough to upload the audio on YouTube.  They speak openly and candidly about their experiences regarding racism.  It is very thought-provoking and I am surprised it is my first time hearing this.

I am not very familiar with Mead, but I am familiar with James Baldwin.  Mead was an “anthropologist, writer, scientist, environmentalist, women’s rights advocate”.  She was most famous for her studies on sex culture in various countries (Lewis, 2016).  Please read more about her on womenshistory.about.com

James Baldwin I Am Not Your Negro

(Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing, 2017)

Please support the documentary about the unfinished novel titled, “I Am Not Your Negro” in films February 3rd.  It is a great look in James Baldwin’s life that will feature a lot of footage and audio from Baldwin.  I think it is not just important to see if you are gay and black or just gay.  I think it is important to see if you are a black person.  I definitely think it is important to see if you are confused about how you as a white person are racist and how black people have to deal with racism on a daily basis.

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