Jill Stein Kinda Didn’t Say She Endorsed Trump

​Please refer to this article here about the somewhat false accusations regarding Jill Stein’s endorsement on Trump.


My apologies, Jill Stein never said that she supported Trump.  Stein doesn’t want to see either candidate in office. Stein feels that Hillary will do more damage than Trump apparently.  

Well, that’s fine.  But what about all that talk about supporting black people.  Stein would rather deal with rampant sexism and racism in the street, than a Leader who knows the job and can do it.  Someone whose ego did not become the biggest factor in them wanting to lead the “free” world.  

This is for all those who won’t vote or will vote for Trump because you hate Hillary Clinton so much.

Hillary Clinton is problematic. Clinton is someone who has been and keeps being problematic in regards to race relations. Hillary’s husband helped reinforce the Prison Industrial Complex and has since apologized, but too little too late.

But Trumps is a racist, sexist, warmongering, tax evading, woman molesting, financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, ableist, nationalist, orange tan taking, hate spreading, and a tough-talking monster who isn’t fit to run a playground. Trump’s plan is outdated and representative of early Republicans.  It didn’t work then, and definitely won’t work now.  He, not the president.

This is one of those times in your life where you have to put on your big boy and big girl pants.  You have to choose. Even if you don’t like either candidate, you must pick one because one of them are going into office.  Not voting does not save you from that reality.  A decision not to vote is a vote for someone.  

With Jill Stein, I think that she has a personal issue with the Clintons and I want to know where it came from.

But for you, know that your vote counts.  Please go out there and vote.