Keith Scott’s Wife Releases Video of Police Shooting

Please watch this video before you continue on.

It is a damn shame that in America, a man can be killed for doing nothing at all.  I could not understand the strength of that woman.  Her husband, the man she dedicated her life to is killed point blank and she can not even embrace his body.  You can not tell me that this man deserved to die.

You can not live anywhere and be safe.  Your skin determines your life nowadays.  It is time we start listening to what the old folks were talking about when it comes to dealing with racism.

My dad taught me as a young boy what to do when police pull me over and when I am approached by one.  

But many times, there is no winning.

This man may not have been compliant, but he was not aggressive.  He did not deserve to die when you have white people literally shooting and hacking axes and police officers and live to see another day.

Keith Scott’s Wife Releases Video of Police Shooting – cmortalx

No matter what, it seems you can’t win when it comes to this cat mouse game if white supremacy and racism.  But stay strong, things will always get better even if they get worse.  

RIP Keith Lamont Scott