Kim Burrell Goes on Homophobic Rant in Sermon.  And?! [VIDEO]

​Check out @RevDerekTerry’s Tweet:

Kim Burrell, a Christian singer and preacher, went on a tirade on homosexuality in a sermon recorded and placed on social media.  This was only 8 days before she was to appear on Ellen.

Here is my thing.  We all know Burrell and Donnie McClurkin, who is her best friend, have these views.  McClurkin is very open about being ex gay and being delivered from homosexuality.  Burrell openly supports this.

So why is everyone so shocked about this sermon?  Is it because she appeared in Frank Ocean’s (a queer black artist) album.  Racists sing alongside black people all the time.  It’s apart of the game.

“You ain’t gotta like that person.  You just have to work with them.” – Every Employee Ever

And in all honestly, Burrell probably said all of this in love.  Yes! Love!  Because these are her core beliefs as an evangelical Christian woman.  This is what she has probably always preached on.  But this time, it was recorded.

I don’t feel no different about her, because I already knew this about her.

Do I think it is bad to say anti-gay stuff and be in an industry full of queer people (And yes, this does include the gospel genre)?

Hell yes!!

But this is her decision.  And that is her right as an American.

As well, Burrell has always been outspoken about everything.  Remember that time McClurkin and she disrespected (allegedly) that gay man on Sundays’s Best?

Do you remember her response?

All I am saying is don’t be surprised when fish start swimming and birds start chirping.
Keep that in mind for the new year.  Happy New Years.