Male-Identified Feminist

There is no stopping feminism and the push for gender autonomy.


I am a male-identified person with a penis.  This has grants me access to male-privilege.  Although I stand at the intersection of being black/working-class/non-heternomative/male, I still have access to certain privileges that female-identfied persons do not.  I was taught misogyny by a patriarchal and heteronormative system that encourages the caste system that is used to disadvantage female-identfied persons.  I am a recovering sexist and a misogynist.

And if you are are a male identified person, then you have the same privileges and benefits of having a penis or being perceived as male are a sexist and misogynist as well.

As a male-identfied feminist, it is my place to support feminists, black feminists, womanists, etc etc etc on their struggle for gender autonomy.  While I have a platform to speak on issues, it is to speak from a place where I dismiss the privileges offered to me for the simple fact that I am male-identified.  I reject the idea that because I am male-identified, that I am stronger, better, great, etc etc etc because of the simple fact that I am male-identified.



love you