Male Pastor Claims That Brian Carns Came On To Him

Brian Carns has been the source of much criticism and scandal over the last few years. However, a new scandal is arising.  A C.O.G.I.C. pastor by the name DeMario Q. Jives of United Kingdom Ministries in Memphis, TN claims that the prophet, Brian Carns, propositioned him in Facebook messenger.

However, I was unsure of the validity of these claims. And other subscribers and I asked for proof.  And Pastor Jives tried to provide it.

Brian Carns Might Be Gay

He may be gay, but he also might be a Martian.  And who cares really?  His sexuality is not on trial for me anyway.  I think his ministry is something we should be examining.  (Shout out to And I personally believe that Brian Carns’ style of for-profit prophicizing is problematic, but I find any claims about his sexuality to be ridiculous. As well, the claims from Pastor Jives are based on little to no evidence.

Brian Carns messaged you to argue with you about the Bible.  That is what people of the ministry do to my understanding.  Pastor Jives said no, and Brian Carns let it go.  That’s it!  I think this was an attempt to get views and it did.  

But, if Pastor Jives is a man of God, why is he so enveloped in gossip and hear say.  Isn’t the ministry keeping him busy?  Aren’t their souls that need saving Pastor Jives, while you demonize some man you barely know? And I am not white knighting for Brian Carns, buecause either am sure he thinks I am of Satan and is going to hell.
But this was foolish.

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