Markeith Loyd: The Truth from Family and Neighbors

​Markeith Loyd was “captured” and beaten as reported last week.  However, it did not catch fire as much as I would like.  As well, the way it was spun made Markeith Lloyd look like a terrorist.  However, we may not know the truth about Markeith Loyd and the situation.  I was able to speak with William Harp, who state that they are the close cousin of Markeith Loyd.  Check out for the post with full statement.  Hopefully this will shed some light on the situation.

Disclaimer: This is based on a conversation with a family member and various videos seen in this post

Markeith Loyd and Sade Dixon

Sade Dixon was the ex-girlfriend and baby mother of Markeith Loyd.  They were already in a healthy relationship before her death. Markeith provided for Sade’s schooling and truly loved her  The day of Sade’s death, Markeith confronted Sade due to recent indiscretions.  There were multiple parties there during the confrontation, which included Sade’s Mother, brother, and kids.  Allegedly, the argument escalated and the brother, Ronald Stewart, intervened.  Allegedly, during the confrontation, the brother and Markeith got into a physical altercation and a gun was set off which killed Sade.

Markeith Loyd and Debra Clayton

Markeith Loyd was confronted by Debra Clayton, a childhood and neighborhood friend of Markeith Loyd and police officer, at a local Walmart.  Warrants were out for his arrest and as a officer of the law, Debra Clayton LIKELY tried to apprehend Markeith. There is a video of this confrontation, however, it has not been released.  What we do know is that Debra Clayton may have shot Markeith first.  However, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and he retaliated with shots of his own. This killed Debra Clayton and the manhunt for Markeith Loyd truly began.

The Manhunt for Markeith Loyd

After the shooting of Officer Clayton, the police  went commando on the neighborhood of Markeith Loyd.  They went as far as exposing the location for Markeith Loyd’s family.  Which, according to a Harp, was the reason Markeith Loyd stayed away from everyone and remains to do so after his arrest.  This made his family a main target for death threats and practices of intimidation.  This harassment was relentless and included the arrest of Markeith Loyd’s niece, Lakensha Loyd, as it was believed that she knew his whereabouts.

The police officers were a daily presence In the house of Markeith Loyd’s family and the neighborhood.  And I wondered how this was legal, and allegedly, this was because of an executive order in conjunction with Operation Rise, which is a campaign to get illegal guns off the street, but served more so as a tool to arrest 200 black male youth in a 2 week period.  Police officers terrorized this neighborhood until they found Markeith Loyd via his Facebook account.  He logged into his Facebook account while hiding out in an empty house and the police were able to locate him because of that.

The “Capture” of Markeith Lloyd

Markeith Loyd surrendered to the officers and crawled to the curb from the empty house.  While doing this, the police officers partially picked him up and drug him on the ground to two cruisers and beat him up in between the cars.  After beating him, they took to the police station oppose to the ER.

Allegedly, they beat him some more in the police station.  As well, they beat him so bad that he allegedly had to be taken to surgery for his back, which lasted 10 hours.  Also, they drove him around battered and abused through the city in an alleged celebratory parade.

The Arraignment

Markeith Loyd went to the arraignment and it was the first time he could speak out in a public forum.  After experiencing all he went through he expressed himself.

What Can You Do To Help

Markeith Loyd is in need of lawyers and support.  As he has isolated himself away from his family and friends, there is not much else we know.  As well, his mother is sick and he was the provider for the family to my understanding.  As well, Lakensha was the primary form of transportation for the mother.  With all this, Markeith Loyd’s family have not been able to keep their GoFundMe page open because Markeith Lloyd is an alleged cop killer and that doesn’t do well on sites like that.  Contact the family members in regards to what is necessary.  If you have connections with lawyers please let them know.  As well, if any funding is possible please contact the family as well.