Minnesota Mall Stabbing Claimed by ISIS

In a recent statement by an unnamed reporting organization that details attacks that are claimed by terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, ISIS has reported that the attacker at the Minnesota mall was an ISIS soldier.

However, news agency like CNN have not been able to confirm this as of yet.

Personally, I think that the Minnesota mall stabbing, the bombing at Chelsea, NY, and the attempted bombing at the Marine New Jersey marathon were all connected to ISIS.  To my understanding ISIS is not like AL-Qaeda or other terrorist groups where you belong to a certain branch.  It is a social media club basically.  They create propaganda that incites many Americans to action.


This is why terrorist groups like ISIS are so incredibly dangerous.

A person does not have to make an official statement in regards their affiliation with the group before they commit an action.

My main main main problem with this is how the Obama administration promised to handle this type of terrorism.  We allowed the Patriot Act, which allowed for certain government organizations to violate our privacy for intelligence.  However, what intelligence are they obtaining outside of what Aunt Jolene is cooking for her nephew Tommy?  I want to know what they are going to plan to do about this bullshit.

You can not tell me that three attacks occurred within 24 hours of each other within a week of the anniversary of 9/11 and then tell me only one of them is a terrorist related act.  Please do not insult the American people’s intelligence.

We know what it is, just tell us what you plan to do about this bullshit.

Let me know what you think about this?