My experience with Special Education

As told before on my Youtube channel.  I have a severe speech impediment.

I could not pronounce a lot of sounds, like “s,” “ch,” and “sh.”  I had about 8 years of speech therapy.  This went into my college years.  I was able to resolve most of my issues.  A lot of my speech challenges are based in stuttering and slurring.

So it is basically, a matter of me speaking slowly.

These classes were categorized as Special Education, along with the Gifted Program, which I never got into.

I would have to go to the special class or Hall E to take my speech therapy.  It involved me actually getting up and walking out the class or arriving late.  Then I would walk to or from Hall E or the special education class to my class.  This caused a lot of anxiety because I was afraid that people would think I was slow.

Well for sure people thought I was slow.  I did have a retardation.  It was just not a learning retardation.  It was a retardation in regards to learning how to speak.  It was a lot more mental than physical.

I was in the classes with the special education students, and they were normal.  Outside of the clear differences, they were just people who took classes like everyone else.  We would speak and talk.  I mean some of us had great conversations.  There was such a big stigma from me in regards to students in special education courses.

However, it broke all the way down after I started speaking to some of the students.  What it did was change my perception on the special education public school system.  My education, along with the gifted students were geared and specialized towards each student.  So there was a special learning course created for each person.  However, for those who have learning disabilities, they are grouped together.  Meaning that they will teach students basic math in class, but some students can learn Algebra.  It was not specialized for the students who were in the special education and had learning disabilities.

This was like 10 to 13 years ago and the school system could have changed, but I know that it is a big difference.  I think that it is important that this has changed.  I would be terrified of sending my child, if they had learning disabilities, to public schools.  I would literally home school or hire a teacher for my child.  I think that it was ridiculous that these kids were not able to reach their greatness with the help of a system that should provide such resources.  They would graduate and not have learned what they would’ve if the system gave a damn.  They are just pushed through and it is unfair.

I did not have a learning disability, and I am speaking as an outsider.  But from what I see, the special education system was in a crisis when I was in school.

Were you in special education outside of specialized issues like speech impediments and gifted programs?

How was it?

Do you feel the programs held you back?

Do you think it has improved since the early 2000’s?

Let me know what you think?