Myth or Fact: Dorsey Montgomery, Michael Slager, and the Walter Scott Trial

​Myth or Fact:

Dorsey Montgomery feels that Michael Slager is innocent.

MYTH: Dailymail reported that Montgomery feels that Slager should get convicted of voluntary MANSLAUGHTER, which is different from murder (Wagner, 2016). Voluntary MANSLAUGHTER is considered a crime of passion and offers a lighter sentence. Murder is an intentional crime (Serman, 2016).

Myth or Fact:

Dorsey Montgomery voted for Michael Slager’s acquittal.

MYTH: Refer to the previous point. Montgomery wanted to convict Slager, but not on murder charges (Wagner, 2016).

Myth or Fact:

Only one Juror was undecided in the Michael Slager case.

MYTH: CBSNEWS reported that Montgomery, who was the appointed jury foreman, stated that FIVE jurors were undecided oppose to the one that was reported by sources previously (Crimesider Staff, 2016).

Myth or Fact:

Dorsey Montgomery was charged with theft.

UNCONFIRMED: ABCNEWS reported that Montgomery had a charge of “a breach of trust” during the trial that the defense knew of and the prosecutors did not (The Associated Press, 2016). A breach of trust is a state specific crime in South Carolina.  It is SC’s form of embezzlement, where an employee unlawfully obtains assets from their organization (Thompson Defense Firm, 2016).  While Montgomery could’ve stolen from his organization and that would’ve lead to a breach of trust charge, it has not been confirmed. 

Myth or Fact:

Dorsey Montgomery had a charge dropped against him during the trial.

FACT: ABCNEWS also reported that on November 17, 2016, that Montgomery had that charge of “a breach of trust” dropped during his time as juror on the trial  (The Associated Press, 2016). 

Myth or Fact:

Michael Slager is getting off scot free.

MYTH:  Dailymail reports that state prosecutors will retry Slager on murder and/or manslaughter charges (Wagner, 2016).  As well, ABCNEWS reports that the federal case against Slager will begin between January and March 2017 (Shapiro & McFann, 2016).  

The charges are,

“…obstruction of justice for making false statements to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigators with the intent to impede the investigation into the shooting” – The Justice Department (Shapiro & McFann, 2016)


“[Using] excessive force when he shot and killed Walter Scott without legal justification” – The Justice Department (Shapiro & McFann, 2016)

Do you think Slager will get convicted in a retrial and the federal case?  Is there anything I missed?  Let me know.

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