Profile of the Attackers in New Jersey, Chelsea, and Minnesota

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Over the weekend there were many attacks across America, which has been a trend determined by many locals of the areas that were attacked.  Now we have the names of the suspects.

Stabbing in St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall

The suspect’s name is Dahir Adan. 

According to the Minneapolis Tribune, Adan was a 22 year old (now deceased) Somali male who was born in Kenya and raised in the United States.  He was a Sophomore at St. Cloud University.  He was a honor roll student.  He wasn’t considered sociable.  He was a security guard on the weekends (What We Know, 2016).

After his attack, ISIL went to Twitter to claim Adan as an ISIS soldier (What We Know, 2016).  (ISIL is the Islamic State of the Levant, which governs organizations like ISIS.)

FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is currently investigating him (What We Know, 2016).


Attempted bombing at Seaside Park, New Jersey and Suspect for bombing at Chelsea, NYC

The suspect’s name is Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28 years old (still alive, surprise), failed at bombing a Marine’s Marathon in Seaside Park, New Jersey.   He is also a suspect for the Chelsea, NYC attack.  Officials are still determining his role in the attack on Chelsea, NYC.  He was caught after a shootout when he was spotted sleeping in a bar in Linden, New Jersey (Shoichet, 2016).

He is a naturalized citizen who was born in Afghanistan, located in the Middle East, where he visited often.  Allegedly his wife is still over there even though he succeeded in petitioning her a visa in 2012.  We are still not sure where he was “radicalized” (btw I hate that term) in the Middle East or in America (Shoichet, 2016)

He attended Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey, but he never finished,  His family filed a discrimination suit in 2011 against Elizabeth, New Jersey for which they lost (Shoichet, 2016).



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